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04-07-2019 at 05:55 PM
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Twitch uploader doesn't work, and can't submit using safari.

@admin staff . FYI, For me at least the Twitch uploader doesn't work anymore. About over a week now. Anyone else? did twitch change something?

Also can't submit using safari anymore on a Mac. Granted I used Chrome and worked fine. But I have noticed those 2 things. Just wanted to let you know.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    I keep getting logged out. Even while posting.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i just had one tg tab in my browser at like i had no internet or tg was down, and the other tg tabs working fine.

    i swear this programming team has found ways to break things i didnt think were possible to break

  3. Retro-Shark's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    I keep getting logged out. Even while posting.

    Thankfully it's not that bad for me but yeah I still have that log-in problem and it got real old after the first week.

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