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05-15-2021 at 08:59 PM
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Where do tracks belong games played on a Oculus quest 1 or 2, go

Where do tracks belong in the TG database for on games played on a Oculus quest 1 or 2, etc. Should the VR be it's own "console category" Or would they go under android?

@TWIN GALAXIES What does a commissioner think?

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Interesting. Philosophical question: if an Occulus Rift game is installed on a Android non-Occulus device & a score is set (assuming the game will run): is that the same "level playing" field as someone setting it using the Occulus Rift/Rift 2?

    Obvious answer: the rules can state must use an Occulus Rift/descendent device.

  2. datagod's Avatar

    A while ago people were arguing about "diluting" the database with new tracks. It seems to me that dividing games up across platforms is also problematic.

    For example, I can play the original pacman on PC using mame, on a MAC using mame, on a Raspberry Pi using mame. Is the platform MAME or is it the hardware?

    I can play a facebook game on an iPhone, an Android phone, or even a PC with a mouse. Is Facebook the platform? Is it PC?

    As a hypothetical, I can play breakout on facebook on my PC with a USB spinner controller far better than I can on an Android phone using a finger to swipe.

    Maybe we need to move towards a "This is the game, these are the tags".

    Game: Pacman

    Tags: MAME, WolfMame 1.06, PC, Windows 10, Arcade Roms, Game Date 1981, Namco

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    at some point, platform isnt really a good category and genre starts to make more sense for classification. though thats a bit more work and has more grey area than the simple black and white platform cateogorization. I think at some point esi will need genre to be more apples to apples. I think you're just looking at another case where tg is better set up for arcade and early 80s console games. This isnt me bashing tg, i like they do the new stuff the best they can, thats better than not trying at all, but yeah, the system isnt optimal for new games

  4. timmell's Avatar

    VR itself could be platform then. There are many games on PS4, stand-alone headsets (like oculus) and PC driven headsets. That are the same game exactly on all “platforms “

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