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07-14-2021 at 08:11 PM
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No Retro with Marco?!!?! Well then Watch Settle It on the Screen!

Marco is taking a short break with Retro with Marco. So Settle it on the Screen will return to do it best to fill the void that Retro with Marco leaves that empty hole in your heart. for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Join Michael next week Wednesday July 21st 10:30PM EST at


Tuesday Aug 3rd 10:30pm EST. Then Marco will be back.

Next week, we will celebrate new records from Twin Galaxies, and the other score hunting/chasing websites. Update from @Ninglendo on the Yolympics 2021. Discussion on all the changes to Twin Galaxies since the last airing of Settle It on the Screen. And a looking into all the other websites (that I know of) when it comes to competitive (mostly retro) gaming. If time, maybe a discussion with anyone who like to call into the discord. And I will do my best to include all the stupid stuff that the old Settle brought you every night over on that other website, commiebook. Or ZuckerFace. Whichever you want to call it.

Join the discord here and Follow on Twitch.


  1. Marco1019's Avatar

    I'm taking a break. Period lol. Also, it was I who tried to fill the void left by Settle It On The Screen. Your support means a lot & is not lost on me.

    It'll be fun to watch you and @Ninglendo on the show! (Just don't make Glen read new WRs)

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  2. swaggers's Avatar

    We're not going to get bamboozled with a trick show this time? This is an actual NEW SIOTS??

  3. timmell's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by swaggers

    We're not going to get bamboozled with a trick show this time? This is an actual NEW SIOTS??

    NO nick hidden show. Live from Downtown Farmington Hills,

  4. Desidious's Avatar

    A live show? Count me in. SIOTS happens to be the best memories I had of this place before it went to ****.

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