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10-10-2021 at 07:29 PM
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Remember when Twin Galaxies was fun?

6 years later nothing ever like this again.

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    Its not even the same on here anymore.

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    i'm such a procrastinator. i remember seeing that, thining it seemed cool. and deciding i would go to the next one. Valuable life lesson.

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    That festival was incredible. The tournament area was such an amazing area. Arcade machines, consoles. All hooked up with full video. Feeds blasted around the world. Top players competing. A couch area setup for interviews. Jace and his crew there all day and night. Crazy CAG personalities from all across the continent. @JJT_Defender drove something like 24 hours to get there. I came from Ottawa Canada. @timmell was there with his now famous HD camera gear. Even old time TG legends (Walter and Billy) were there, Joel West (R.I.P.), Rudy, @Jesse Porter , Tommy Amico, Todd Rogers, The Blue Sky Rangers.

    Oh yeah, AMAZING food trucks, an entire team of photographers, vendors galore (always my favorite part). Musicians, dance party, it just goes on and on.

    To me it was like having 5 favorite TV shows and all the characters showed up for a party. Way better than any comicon because the characters were also my friends.

    But then reality hit. The people promoting the event (Pheonix Entertainment?) failed to deliver. Not enough people showed up to cover the cost of renting the facility, paying the artists, food, licensing, whatever else was involved. Cheques bounced. Bankruptcy filed. It was a failed adventure financially and at the end of the day it was all about money.

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    I 'member.

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    A priest joined a parish. He was promised half the takings from the service contributions as a start up reward. He put 50 pence in the collection basket.
    After mass, the vicar gave him 25 pence.
    "I thought you were giving me half the takings? I put that 50 pence in."
    The vicar said: "Which proves, the more you put in, the more you get out of it."

    TG is still a good place. You cannot think a night club is rubbish because they don't play all your favourite songs.
    What changes? PEOPLE. RULES. ATTITUDES. That, is what ruins everything. People.
    We are all responsible for the outcome, as long as we can guide the ruffians.
    They don't want guidance. They want domination and aggravation. Try and give them advice or combat their bad attitude? Get banned.
    Seems you can only have an opinion on here if it makes everybody smile. Unless of course, you're in league with the King Of Lawsuits. Then you can do/say what you want. You can slag off ALL men, ALL women, ALL vegetarians, provoke hatred through insulting mental health, tell complete lies and and TG allows it.
    Point out what they're doing in real time, get banned.


    Make your own post regarding the comment I made that a douchebag deletes, TG removes it.
    Censorship is designed for two reasons. FEAR and CONTROL. Every other reason comes under these two umbrellas.
    "If you burn books today, you burn bodies tomorrow."
    "If you want to understand who controls you, find out who you can't criticize".
    TG mods are obviously doing what they think is the right thing by deleting stuff to remove/avoid conflict.
    In reality, they're shooting the peace keeper, and allowing the war. As long as the warmonger doesn't get challenged, it's OK. Challenge them? Get banned. It's called "taking sides", and I'm confused about it.
    Frustrating. This is troll enabling.
    I have been banned from Facebook for more than seven months this year. You know why? "Fact" checking CENSORSHIP.
    Same as on Youtube, you can't even mention vaccination, jab, virus, covid or anything that goes against the dictatorship. You get deleted.
    You know who owns the fact checkers? Big pharma.
    Pharmaceutical = "to administer poison/witchcraft."

    The TG frequency has been disrupted. It can be retuned.
    Peace is easier. It's nicer. But...

    “You can’t truly call yourself “peaceful” unless you’re capable of great violence, if you’re not capable of violence you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless”.
    And "if you fight monsters, you risk becoming a monster, yourself".

    I've been sent here to save you guys, but you mock. Don't take my word for it, it was Settled On The Screen a decade ago.... ;) The prophecy is still achievable !!! It has been written, so shall it be done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly

    I 'member.

    What were these 3 checks for?

    Was it for attendance, winning tournaments, helping out, what?

    How many other people were given checks? I guess Mike Sroka, John McAllister and others?

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    What were these 3 checks for?

    Was it for attendance, winning tournaments, helping out, what?


    I wondered. Must be for winning tournaments. I betcha 5 bucks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly

    I 'member.

    clear cut case of classic fly money laundering.

    hire fly for some clandestine job. In order to have the payment not be suspicious, run a track and field tournament where the prize money equasl what you owe him

    oldest trick in the book.

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    clear cut case of classic fly money laundering.

    hire fly for some clandestine job. In order to have the payment not be suspicious, run a track and field tournament where the prize money equasl what you owe him

    oldest trick in the book.


    According to the formula I have created from having Iron Maiden sign my records, utilising the tech used on Pawn Stars, these signatures are FAKE.

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    They held 4 Decathlon tournaments on 4 platforms. Arcade, NES, Intellivision and Atari. Prizes were $1250 - 1st, $500-2nd, $250-3rd.

    I won NES and Intellivision. Got 3rd on Atari.

    I didn't participate in the arcade event since I was already celebrating(drinking) with my winnings. Drinks and Lobster dinners were all on my tab that night!

    If I dig around I can probably find the results.

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    Hopefully once the lawsuits conclude something like this can be done again. No way I'd miss an event like this. Maybe it wont be quite so pomp a happening as this one, but something similar could surely be pulled off.

    Something to consider, we don't necessarily need TG management for an event, we the community members could put it on ourselves. This is something Ive been thinking about, a TG meetup of sorts, probably centered at some arcade somewhere, probably Funspot or Galloping Ghost. Maybe we could stay at the same hotel and set up some console games or something.

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    Richie on his tiptoes in that shot :)

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    The cheque they wrote me for working all weekend as a photographer bounced by the time they sent it to me. It was my fault for wanting to schedule my own air-fare. I don't like leaving things like that in the hands of others. Who knows how many legs to the trip there would have been 2 is already bad enough. 13 hour trip.

    I was a bit annoyed, because that cheque would validate my travel, but what the hell. It was a super fun weekend.

    Congrats on winning the prizes Hec!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly

    If I dig around I can probably find the results.

    Here is the SIOTS talking about the results. Time code 24:25

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