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11-11-2019 at 06:29 PM
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First Game System You've Ever Gotten

Here's a good question. What was the first video game system you've ever gotten?

Here's Mine:

My first game system was the NES.

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  1. starcrytas's Avatar

    My first game system was the Nintendo Gamecube.

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  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    (as a kid)



    Game Gear

    (as a 20 something)



    (as a 30 something)


    Then it all blurs together after this point... The majority of my collecting occurred in my 30s and I can't really recall the order in which I obtained systems after the N64....

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  3. bTokin's Avatar

    A Nes back in 1993 from a yard sale, also got smb3 with it.
    later got mike tyson's punch-out , blaster master, ninja gaiden, contra, and faxanadu for it.
    had a some crap/meh games like T&C surf and skate, friday the 13th, quatro adventure, and top gun too.

  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    NES, for sure-my weakest "scoring" system, but still the first where I had ownership.

    Played 2600, everyone had one, but I was too young to really appreciate it, then a friend had a 5200 that we spent a lot of time on, it was "his", not a "Family System", but I rented the damned NES so many times, Family finally broke down and bought me one, late 80's, my teenage years were all-nighters with Kid Icarus, Rygar, and Final Fantasy!!!


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  5. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Pong by Atari back in 1975/1976ish. It had a couple of game variations, most were two player, and you shared one controller (built onto the console) that had two dials on it.

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  6. Joonas's Avatar

    Sega Saturn back in the 90's.

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  7. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I had an Atari 2600 that I inherited from my brothers (8 and 9 years older), but the first system I had that was specifically mine was the Gameboy. Got it for Christmas in 1990. First two games were Tetris and Gremlins 2. Luckily my parents had the foresight to buy me a charger to go with it.

    Final Fantasy Legend II was the third game I got, and is still one of my favorites today...that game was a beast for 9/10 year old me to get through

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  8. RaGe's Avatar

    I got my Atari 2600 for Christmas, 1980. That will always be the best present I've ever received. Nothing will ever top the surprise, or the feeling of owning awesomeness.

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  9. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by RaGe

    I got my Atari 2600 for Christmas, 1980. That will always be the best present I've ever received. Nothing will ever top the surprise, or the feeling of owning awesomeness.

    hey there stranger

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  10. Pat Larocque's Avatar

    First one was a Coleco Gemini system (basically a cheap Atari 2600 knock-off with horrible controllers) that came with Donkey Kong and Mouse Trap. Was way too young to 'appreciate' it or really get any good at it but having a blast re-discovering a lot of those old carts now!!

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  11. GibGirl's Avatar

    My parents bought an Atari 2600 back when Space Invaders came out. I played lots and lots of that.

    The first one I bought for myself would have been the Vectrex I bought from a friend. The one with 11 games, all still in box, that I sold in high school to a pawn shop for $50. :(

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  12. datagod's Avatar

    Intellivision 1980

    Colecovision 1983

    NES 1986

    Commodore PC (IBM 286 Clone) 1989

    SNES early 90's

    N64 late 90's

    Game Cube 2001

    Steam - Day it was released, early 2000

    Wii 2012 - little late but a good bargain

    Raspberry Pi - various systems running retroarch / recalbox / retropi 2018

    Sony PS3 - 2019

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  13. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Let's see.... way back in the day before smart phones, flat screens, and autonomous driving but sometime after the dinosaurs turned into fossils, there were black-and-white none cartridge based systems with several variations of pong. Tennis, Doubles Tennis, Foosball, Solitary, Hockey, etc..... all just rectangular brick and ball games. Lots of imagination needed to visualize a Pong variation was like real Hockey. The replay value on these things was under an hour.

    My parents took pity on me and my sibling, and the pong clones (I think we had more than one) were replaced with the Atari 2600. I remember playing Street Racer and Outlaw with my Dad. New cartridges were about $30 when released, which took a lot of birthday money and $1 dollar a week allowance to save up.

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  14. Pearl2hu's Avatar


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  15. md_robotnik's Avatar


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  16. Ragequit's Avatar

    Atari 2600 1980's model i believe it was called the junior. I had space invaders, pac-man, journey : escape, defender, missile command and frickin E.T. lol.

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  17. ivanstorm1973's Avatar

    N64 was the 1st console i bought with my own money along with Diddy Kong Racing (played that game for months) until i could afford Super Mario changer

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