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01-07-2020 at 07:38 PM
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Top 20 Most Difficult Video Games of All Time

This is the list of the 20 most Difficult Video Games of All Time according to In your opinion which games should have included in the list?

Edit: Sorry about that.

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    I don't see your list

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    I watched it on YouTube. I don't recognize most titles. I'll share a couple of the toughest “quality” Intellivision games (that are worth playing).

    Space Spartans

    It takes years of practice to master the strategy and shooting/manoevering skills to beat the game. Every succeeding round becomes more challenging. The game forces you to beat squadrons of aliens that attack from all angles on a chess board. Almost impossible to master this game.

    He-Man (Master's Level)

    80's style arcade shooter with an alternating screen similar to Krull where you have to reach the other end of the screen while dodging fireballs. Master's level is designed to be “Arcade Level” of difficulty. A good gamer will last only a few minutes on their first tries. For months, a good gamer will still only play a few minutes. Almost impossible to master this game.
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    Ninja Gaiden: Black on Master Ninja difficulty was unforgiving. Those last boss mission challenges, damn. Shadows of the Empire for the N64. So hard aiming with only one joystick, haha. Silver Surfer does suck.

    F-Zero GX was absolutely amazing. I loved that game.

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    Mushihimesma Futari v 1.01 Ultra 1CC
    Dodonpachi Daioujou White Label 2-ALL
    Dodonpachi Saidaioujou Inbachi-ALL
    Pink Sweets X360 1CC
    Ketsui Ura 2-ALL

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    I've just put the link to the video. Sorry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaGe


    Yes Rage, I've screwed up.

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    The table called "Magic" on Epic Pinball!

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    These lists are all subjective for the most person's difficulty title could be another player's easy title.

    I put together a top 10 difficult arcade list years back, sadly it was only based on about two dozens people's responses, but it was pretty much spot on as far as a good number of titles.

    There are however a number of titles both arcade, console and PC which are "difficult" not because the game challenge is so bloody hard but because the controls are ridiculously problematic or due to poor programming the game cannot advance beyond certain points. That's a different type of "difficult"

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    Dragon's Lair??

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    Here's examples of difficult...

    - Self-Titled "World's Hardest Game"...probably the easiest of the four on this short list

    - I Wanna be the Guy..."Super Mario" on steroids

    - Jezzball (level 49 only)...monstrously hard !!

    - (fictional) - "Kaizo Trap" (check out 5:19-5:48 sequence)

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