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06-23-2020 at 07:12 PM
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Twin Galaxies 40th Anniversary Logo

We're month's away from reaching the 40th anniversary of Twin Galaxies. What logo do you think we should create?

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I imagine Admin will handle that.


    I want the rights to produce the Patch!!!

  2. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Would be interesting to see what the community comes up with....

  3. nads's Avatar

    Why not use the original one for a few weeks?

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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I'm not trying to be a cheezeball or anything, tho that's my usual M.O. ...

    How about a lighter skinned hand on one side, and a darker skinned hand on the other, reaching to the middle holding one side of a controller each...

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