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07-10-2021 at 06:05 PM
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It's Been a While

Hey Twin Galaxies.

I just wanted to tell you guys hello and tell you guys something.

I haven't been playing video games in a while. I've been having trivia nights, going for my walks (which I haven't because of the hot weather, I don't walk out at 80+ weather.) and recently I've been uploading to Youtube lately.

Don't worry, I will be back with more submissions. However, it is not going to be that frequently.

  1. timmell's Avatar

    we all have to take a break and do other things. Otherwise we won't be healthy. Take care man, will be ready for the submissions.

  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Man, I have like three different versions of Trivial Pursuit, but I just can't get my Family interested in playing.

    Good Luck on future submissions!!!

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