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09-11-2021 at 12:19 PM
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Your 9/11 Story

What was your 9/11 story?

Here's mine, the time the planes crashed during 9/11, I was in 11th grade and I was in gym class when that happened. However, it was not until the middle of third period when the principal told us there was an attack at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. All the televisions at the school turned on the news coverage. When school was out, everyone had to go home, there was no ninth period or 5:45, and there was no after school activities. When I got home, about all of the channels also had the news footage. However, we cannot forget the people who sacrificed their lives on Fight 93 at Shanksville.

In memory of the 2,996 people who died on 9/11.

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  1. Squidkiller8781's Avatar

    i dont have a story, but i remember calling my cousin to make sure he was ok. he was due to be inside the buildings when it happened. Ended up getting stuck in traffic and had a front row seat to it instead.

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  2. starcrytas's Avatar

    I was 3 years old at the time.

    It wasn't until later that I could understand what happened and the impact it had on the US.

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  3. Derek's Avatar

    I was 21 when it happened, pretty confident it was monday also

    I went to work and my plumber never showed up so i went back home and watched the towers fall on live tv; then my plumber called me and asked if I wanted to come back to work and I did. When we met up at the shop he had no idea what was going on

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  4. Salim Farhat's Avatar

    I was in the kitchen of the apartment in Al Shoala building in Dubai, UAE. When I woke up the day seemed to be normal. I was starting university and I didn't think the day was going to be any different...

    But then I saw my father walking entering the apartment carrying a bunch of printed emails. He was in a great rush and extremely distraught, which was rare for him. I got a glimpse into the emails which did mention something happening to the Twin Towers in New York, or something or the other. I don't remember exactly.

    Then I went to the living room where we had our TV and I saw footage of the planes crashing into the twin towers. I had exactly NO idea what to think of that. Like... none. At all. It took me by complete surprise. The one thing I remember seeing on the TV screen was 'America's new war on terror', and the mention of Osama bin Laden.

    The thing is, I knew who Osama bin Laden was before this. My dad mentioned him to me a year or two prior as a big bearded Saudi guy who did something bad to the US that they put a 25 million dollar reward on him for. I didn't remember what exactly, but it was a passing reference that I didn't fully internalize at the time.

    Then there was the Taliban. I did hear about them... twice in fact, prior to the 9/11 attacks. Both on Yahoo news (yahoo was, for most of the time, my default search browser) that mentioned them several months prior when they banned the internet in the country, which seemed really weird to me. In 2001 the internet was still fairly new, but it had quickly become an important part of how I lived, so I thought 'what the hell' even as a 17 year old. Then there was the blowing up of the Buddha statue that pissed me off even more. I didn't understand it. It was stupid. I don't know if I heard it or read about it at the time, but it pissed me off. The inner historian within me (which is one of the things that I actually wanted to be as a child. One of my first desired professions other than agricultural engineer) was pissed. Albeit not as pissed as I would be as an adult as ISIS, an off-shoot of Al-Qaeda, did at destroying the artifacts of the Middle East. I **** you not. I wanted (and still) to kill every single one of those people for that. This is not an idle statement. I want all those who even had any say in what the destruction of artifacts executed and any of those who took part in it... I want to execute them myself. I'd shoot them one by one, because an indiscriminate firing squad is not personal enough. If you want a video game description. Look through Fallout 3's liberation of anchorage..,.

    The personal and emotional impact of 9/11 on me is why I am researching to write a book on the matter. Why I am (still) an ex-Muslim. Which is both a reference to Bertrand Russel's famous work Why I am not a Christian and Ibn Warraq's (a man who I hate) 1995 book Why I am an not a Muslim.

    I will be mentioning Ibn Warraq in my book because while I have read little of his work, what I have read shows exactly WHAT exactly is wrong with the 'critique' of Islam and how it, ironically, leads to the rise of Islamic radicalism.

    The lure of breaking world gaming records often takes me back because of how much I hate what is happening in the world...

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  5. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I was in the 4th year of college. My wife at the time always wanted me to turn on the TV before I left for class so she would not feel alone when she would get out of bed after I left. So I did that like any other day and there it was, somewhere between the first and second crash. I watched for a minute, then I woke up my wife and explained what was happening on the TV then quickly left for class.

    Riding the bus to campus, the driver had the radio on, and everybody was just dead silent staring at the ground. Someone eventually asked the driver to turn off the radio because it was sad.

    When I got to class, the professor said if anybody needed to leave they could but we attempted to have class anyways. It was a computer class, so everybody was using their computers to look up news websites, but they were all timing out.

    Don't really remember the rest of the day other than the news being on everywhere you could turn. I didn't really have a complete picture of the day until the evening when I could catch up on the news.

    Then the next day, everyone was all fired up about having a strong sense of unity and pride in the country and flags were hanging everywhere. Which seemed nice at first, until it evolved in to blanket hate for anybody from the middle east.

    In the following months and years I watched every documentary or news story I could find. In doing so, I started realizing that some things about that day weren't adding up. But I suppose this isn't the place to dive in to that.

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  6. Rickster8's Avatar

    I was working in Secaucus New Jersey at the time. I sat right in front of the window that faced the City. We could see the top half of both Towers from my window. When the first tower got hit most of us thought it was just a random freak crash. We all watched as the smoke billowed from the first tower and then the further tower had an explosion which obviously was the 2nd plane crash. Then the pain and sorrow became perfectly clear that this was not random, but a purposeful event. We all watched in horror as the situation became more and more dire. We had radios on to try and find out anything more. Some of the people I worked with were screaming and crying because they had family members who worked in the towers. Then the first tower fell and the realization hit and everyone knew it was only a matter of time until the 2nd tower would fall. Helpless doesn't even describe the feeling. Then the 2nd tower fell and sorrow was at an all time high. It was the most surreal thing I've ever seen with my waking eyes. Easily the most tragic event in my lifetime. The company I worked for let us all go home early. The usual way I went home was blocked off so I had to take Route 80 West home. I wasn't on the highway long before I saw and I'm not kidding a caravan of about 50 ambulances heading East on Route 80. All I could do was drive and cry...

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  7. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I've watched a lot of documentaries about 9/11. I won't say one way or the other, I will say that people who don't think the fire was hot enough to melt steel...well you are right, but that still absolutely affects the integrity of steel. It's like chocolate; It may not be melting, but its hot enough to easily mold. Once the strength integrity was compromised, it was only a matter of time. I can't believe the whole damn building collapsed though. I'm not an engineer, but I simply can't grasp how the weight of something already above a structure, would bring down the rest of the structure it was being supported by. This is where the planted bombs thing comes into play.

    I was a sophomore in HS. We ended up going to the library to watch it. Watched the building collapse and everything. Nobody said a word. When you see something like that, there is nothing you can say. I imagine it was how it was for people when Kennedy was assassinated. This is so crazy, but my brother called me yesterday because he found out I have had covid all week...I'm fine, I never got anything but the temperature that would not go away. He went on about how fear controls the world and that the pandemic is being used to control us. I honestly can say I couldn't disagree with him. 9/11 definitely used the "fear" to gain pretty much any support for what our government wanted to do. Osama was a bad dude and needed to be killed, but the war for oil that ensued along with it seemed a bit of a stretch to me. I'm just a simpleton though, so I don't talk much about politics or religion.

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  8. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    I was working an office job, in Edinburgh. My line manager, whom I never liked, said, "It's not just an attack on America, it's an attack on the free world." If that woman is still alive, today, she likely still hasn't uttered anything original.

    Back then, I wasn't into conspiracy theory analysis, as I had not yet begun to write out my philosophy. Didn't watch TV, and it would be well over a year, before I'd see the various pieces of "9/11" footage. All I knew about the event was what was on the radio. Even though, at the time, I was neither an analyst nor a philosopher, I knew what bullshit sounded like.

    I heard one genuine thing, on that day. One guy said he'd been to the WTC, gone all the way to the top of it. His reaction to the news was disbelief. He simply could not believe what he had been told. Could not believe the story.

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  9. datagod's Avatar

    I was working at the Headquarters for Canadian Airspace and Aviation. All but a handful of employees were off site at an annual meeting. My friend the Firewall guy yelled out across the empty room "Hey Bill! Turn on CNN!! A PLANE JUST CRASHED" The next 40 minutes or so were a blur, but as I was watching the news on their website (likely reading, not sure if they had video feeds back then) he kept shouting ANOTHER ONE! THERE IS ANOTHER ONE! I remember him counting 6 airplanes and yelling we are at war. Often during these types of crisis multiple reports come in and the count is higher than reality.

    When the towers fell, he said to me "what are we going to do?". One of the mangers called the director, who then told all the off site people to immediately come back. They set up a war room on the top floor for the director and all his staff.

    I phoned my wife's office and demanded to speak to her. "She is in a meeing, sir. No, I will NOT interrupt them. Yes I know we are at war. CLICK". effin beeotch.

    As the hours went by, we were still all in shock. Given the nature of our business we had to stay until given the ok for non-essential staff to go home, which happened at noon. (same timezone as NY) .

    Outside felt like a bad dream. Everyone was walking around downtown quietly, sadly waiting for the busses to come. The local newspapers had printed a special run and were handing them out for free. "EXTRA EXTRA!" just like in the old movies. I still have my newspaper in a safe, just in case it had things in it that were rewritten in the following hours and days.

    I spent the rest of the day watching TV with my wife at home, extremely sad for what had happened.

    Canada had a special role to play that day. Thousands and thousands of airplanes were re-directed to Canadian airspace. No planes could enter the US. Our airports were filled with grounded airplanes and stranded passengers. Locals in each city showed up at the airport to invite people to their homes.

    A memorial service was held in downtown Ottawa sometime in the following few days. 150,000 showed up. It was incredible and somber. We vowed to support our best friends in whatever they chose to do.

    As a nation, we entered into a 20 year war against terror. Like most other people at the time I was riled up like a hornets nest. Then after a few years my eyes started to be opened to the corruption of the world.

    A terrible day. An terrible response. A terrible war.

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  10. datagod's Avatar

    The pentagon was hit by a missile. Newbie pilots can't make banking turns a low level, going 500 miles an hour. Footage from all around was confiscated by the FBI, including a gas station right across the street from the strike.

    So convenient too, the department that was auditing and discovering billions in unaccounted funds...vaporized.

    Molten iron found underground at ground zero days later, still dripping hot. Jet fuel and office paper don't burn hot enough to do that.

    Only two sky scrapers to have completely vaporized because of fire.

    Convient that they were both insured against terror attacks to the tune of 1 billion dollars each, and the cost of modernizing was estimated to be about that much.

    World Trade Center 7. 50 story structure. Collapsed into its own footprint because of fire.

    Either these buildings were constructed with built in thermite explosives, or they were retrofitted.

    UK News: Building 7 has collapsed, we are reporting live. Uh no, they reported 45 minutes early. Oops. Lady retired and vanished. Read the script too early.

    "pull it"

    It goes on and on and on.

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