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07-29-2017 at 09:24 PM
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Wall Entry at 07-30-2017 05:19 AM

Is anyone interested in some classic two-player Genesis runs?

Before I drop a few hundred points getting all of these added I figured I would see if there was anyone that actually wanted these runs added to the database.

I'm thinking
Streets of Rage
Golden Axe
Altered Beast

And things of that nature.

Would anyone like to help if I submitted these tracks?
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  1. Barthax's Avatar
    Set up the tracks & submit (I see you've already begun) - people will come. Remember: you're not targeting the community of only today - it'll remain for time to come so more eyes will arrive than can possibly comment on this wall entry right now. :)
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  2. Troy's Avatar
    Thanks for adding Barthax.

    Completely agree. We are building for a community of tomorrow. Some of these titles, like Golden Axe, I don't even want to play. But I was thinking maybe they were worth putting on the leaderboard anyway.

    As they are not there already this leads me to believe that very few of us are even interested in two-player genesis runs. My question was more a query if that was true.
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