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07-13-2018 at 11:12 AM
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The Attendants Must be Sick of my Shenanigans Now...

Name:  Leaving my Mark.jpg
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Size:  229.1 KB Leaving my mark at the arcade.
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  1. EVN's Avatar
    I'm sure the arcade operator loves you.
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  2. Retro-Shark's Avatar
    Well that looks familiar. But yeah I agree with EVN.
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  3. Tuffy64's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EVN
    I'm sure the arcade operator loves you.
    I know right? I'm surprised these guys haven't banned me yet after winning two Nintendo Switches from them!

    I'm close to winning a third, or a PSVR.
  4. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    Me and my son (he's five) did this at the local mini golf arcade. We just kept playing and playing. Obviously no one else there plays it.

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