09-29-2022 at 03:28 AM
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Saw this and thought we'd share. Very cool to see.

Since we started re-engaging on Facebook last October by sharing player achievement highlights, there has been a lot of positive feedback and steady growth. So far, we have not paid for any boosting, nor have we displayed commercial ads. Growth has remained organic for Twin Galaxies up to this point.

Below is a link to this particular facebook post if you are interested:


  1. WCopeland's Avatar

    These posts are so great and do such a good job highlighting the vast & diverse talent in the community. Whoever is making them is doing a really great job!

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  2. Dalthanas's Avatar

    I came to TG in July after seeing a FB post. They definitely work. The community engagement is great, and being featured let's you feel like a star for a second. Definitely worth doing.

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  3. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Holy Smoke!

    Just within the last 24 hours this video has received a further 500,000 views!

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  4. The Evener's Avatar

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  5. timmell's Avatar

    Told ya all. That is all that was needed to be done. Care about the data and the achievements. Great news.

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  6. leejunfan777's Avatar

    @andrewg is the one that paved the way for this run, im just a copycat :)

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  7. Evan's Avatar

    Great news @TWIN GALAXIES :) Congrats to Vincent as well :)

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  9. andrewg's Avatar

    Routing this game is so much fun.

    Glad to see the engagement there. :)

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