03-19-2023 at 10:54 AM
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New Documentary feature film - Shoot Again - The Resurgence of Pinball

We received this note today and are passing it along! (This is not an endorsement or recommendation of any kind from TG, just sharing the info as asked. It's up to the community to make any determinations or choice on its own to support!)



I’m Blake Faucette, and I’m reaching out today to let you know about a new pinball documentary that I’ve been working on in partnership with Lorien Green. It’s an indie project, but we’re close to the finish line, and have launched a Kickstarter to fund those final steps, including a Blu-ray release with lots of bonus material.

In an era of digital, streaming, cloud-based, and electronic entertainment, pinball is a paradox. With most forms of modern entertainment downloadable to the palm of your hand, how does a 300-pound box of wires and lights survive, and continue to thrive? That’s the story we set out to tell with this documentary.

There are older documentaries on pinball, as well as the upcoming biopic, Pinball: the Man Who Saved the Game, about Roger Sharpe (who is also featured in our film). But we wanted to write the next chapter in pinball’s history. It’s a chapter where an in-person, electronic-yet-kinetic hobby meets up with social media and modern technology, and evolves.

If you’re interested, you can see the trailer on our Kickstarter page, and we’d be grateful if you could help spread the word. Additional images from the film can be found here. Please reach out with any questions.

Blake Faucette

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  1. Skywarp's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    No you don’t as evidenced by your follow up

    Im on a three year bender that I suspect I’m only surviving due to decades of doing the right thing. I’ve watched those I love more than myself slowly die, wrack my brain trying to find solutions beg of what I believe religiously to no avail and when it was all over become something I never was just to survive another day

    if the worst thing that ever happened to you was not being included in a movie for a score on a kids game then you’re the most privileged person I’ve ever met and you don’t even know it

    There was alot more involved than just a game score or being wrongfully denied, slandered and defamed from a rightfully earned placement in a nationally acclaimed documentary. There were also life rights involved with the stolen topic matter worth a substantial amount of money as well. I'll see if I can find Steve Sanders contract and Ill post it here. I'm sure he appreciated his $11,667 dollars from his trifling part in the scam because of his lie about a WR in 1982.

    Its the fact, that through Old Twin Galaxies and the film makers actions, it was stated that even though you are responsible for the achievement the film is based on, you are not important and your life isn't worth anything but Steve and Billys are. No competitor in any field of competition could be more insulted. This is a slap in the face! OLD Twin Galaxies and Billy Mitchell are directly responsible. You wonder why I get so irritated by the whole matter? Well there's why.

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Skywarp

    Oh, ffs, lol!

    I'm playing guitar mostly, really NOT playing games much, but I DO try to pop on everyday, to see what's happening, check notifications.

    For real, is the dumbassery this dude is spouting off the only thing going on here anymore?

    -Dumbassery? What do you know about it to make such a comment?

    -Yea I'm afraid so. Classic gaming has gone that far down the crapper hasn't it? Seems the only time the forum lights up is when I start posting.

    For real, I read like a half sentence of the posts

    - That's your problem, moron. Then how can you even pretend to know what's actually going on when you have less the attention span of a gold fish?

    , start laughing at how stupid the skyfugger dude is.

    -That's Skywarp, the first Transformer activated on planet earth! You laugh because you have no clue to the matter at hand These lawsuits are a form of entertainment to literally everybody in the community except myself and those actually being sued. I may be the only one that can offer NEW Twin Galaxies some usefull input on the matter while the rest of you entertainment seekers can only watch and say...."Duh, gee dis dum-ass $hit....Me no understand! Me no get it!" " Me know Steve good guy, Billy bad guy me understand" FYI both are liars and crooks.

    Can't "Beavis and Butthead" myself thru the rest,-Well when you can't even get through a single sentence I'm not suprised.

    - You may want to learn to read first.

    - Sorry but I assumed video game nerds could at least read and comprehend more than one sentence. I can see modern college for millennials is nothing more than frat house party time with beer pong recesses.

    and I swear, I don't even think he realizes how stupid he makes himself sound,

    -That's because you have no clue as to what's going on as demonstrated by your goldfish like attention span. You already stated you can't read more than a sentence...dumbe ass.

    over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and....

    FFS, bury yur head in a hole somewhere, lol.

    -Thats pretty funny, Just think of the responses you could give if you actually had a brain and the capacity to read beyond one sentence to know what's really going on, you may be dangerous at such a point. :) lol.

    "Someone make him go away",

    -Been 15 years and I haven't gone away, not until Billy Mitchell gets what's coming to him in court or anywhere else.

    and someone put some cool bounties on some Atari 2600 games, so the people that actually ever mattered the most around here can mebbe have something entertaining to give a crap about?

    -So your saying that anyone here that set a WR and was cheated out of it doesn't matter if the topic is exploited in a documentary film?

    I hate that the only notifications I get are from this dumbasses activity.

    -Then block it moron! There are actually some people in the CAG community that take this lawsuit against NEW Twin Galaxies very seriously and not just a form of entertainment. I've waited 15 years for it! I want Mr. Hall and Mr Jobst to stick these lawsuits so far down Billy Mitchells throat that Billy $hits docket numbers! I don't see it as "entertainment" but justice long over due.

    I dunno, Man.

    I was able to read my words there, but yours are like the adult voices on Charlie Brown, Man, it just fades out to Wah, wah wah?

    Wah, wah, wah wah, wah, wah WAH!!!

  3. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    YT video, please

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  4. Skywarp's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    I dunno, Man.

    I was able to read my words there, but yours are like the adult voices on Charlie Brown, Man, it just fades out to Wah, wah wah?

    Wah, wah, wah wah, wah, wah WAH!!!

    I write PRN notes almost every day and nobody has an issue reading them. Seems like you're the only one with the problem.......MAN!
  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Skywarp

    I write PRN notes almost every day and nobody has an issue reading them. Seems like you're the only one with the problem.......MAN!

    Oh, there ARE sheep out there.

    I'm just not one of them, lol.

    For real, coming up with this stuff is actually fun for me, so have at it, lol.

    I'd hate it if you got angry, tho, 'cause I certainly ain't, I'm just having fun making fun of you, is pretty much my only endgame, I guess, is why I really zone out when you type.

    It's not me, it's you, Man.


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