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Dear Community,

The current rules for Arcade Hunchback simply say - "Factory Settings"

These have been the rules for as far back as we can look:

The question is, does anyone know what the default factory settings are?

Specifically in regard to NUMBER OF LIVES.

Hunchback has DIP SWITCH SETTINGS that can set the game to either THREE (3) or FIVE (5) lives.

What is the factory default setting for this DIP SWITCH?

Does anyone know?

The MAME Hunchback Arcade track rules have it set to 3 LIVES. Although we have been told that if you load up Hunchback in MAME and don’t change any of the settings, it defaults to five guys +1.

So should the Arcade track be set to 3 lives or 5 lives?

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Arcade should be set to 3 lives.

In the absence of information to the contrary, I think it's the wisest course of action.

As you know, three lives was essentially an arcade standard through the 1980s among a wide range of manufacturers and titles. This can be confirmed by those of us who lived in arcades during the 1980s! But it was often cited as a default/recommended in setting in game manuals. Dig Dug is one such example.

For Century Electronics to ship their games with 5 lives instead of 3 as default for the game would be a dramatic departure from the industry norm. As well, manufacturers were ever mindful of striking the right "balance" between difficulty and ensuring that game times weren't overly long for money-conscious operators. In that light, setting lives to the maximum setting from the factory also seems highly unlikely.

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