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Dear Community,

We are nearly complete with the new TG Certificate system and it should be arriving very soon!

In the meanwhile we have posted some initial information on the Twin Galaxies Wiki to help explain how the system works and to help those in the community that are interested in getting certificates take steps now to prepare for their arrival.

Please post any questions or thoughts you may have to this thread so we might be able to answer or address any confusion or concerns.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. Certificates have been needed for a long time!

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Low cap, When can I get a cert for Fallout 3?

When will my name be mispronounced as a funny on it?

Quote Originally Posted by Jace Hall

No offense was taken. When TGSAP was introduced, there were many who were skeptical of its effectiveness or ability to work at all, and probably some remain so. So I understand completely. People should absolutely only do what they are comfortable with.

To be clear, the purpose of this new feature is to provide a secure way for people to get their TG certificates on a more immediate basis digitally while maintaining a secure encryption method that prevents forgery or ownership duplication. Blockchain technology specifically provides for this, and that is why it is being used. This new feature was not created or intended as an investment vehicle for the sole purpose of speculative gain.

You may have missed the part of the FAQ that explains that there are no payment transactions of any kind taking place on the Twin Galaxies website in any form or fashion for the NFT acquisition process. That's just not happening. So rest assured, there is no "TG handling of payments" to be concerned with since there is no actual handling of payments by TG.

I very much agree that everyone should proceed with caution, and if a person has any feeling of unease about the system, they should simply not participate and not acquire their TG certificate. There is no pressure or expectation for anyone to do so. Choosing not to get your certificate does not impact your score listing in the database in any way.

Based on your personal level of expressed concern in your comment, @Ninglendo , I would definitely recommend that you absolutely do not participate at all, ever. An abundance of caution is probably the best choice.

Hope that helps clarify a few points.

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Quote Originally Posted by Ninglendo

So in other words a ponzi scheme.

Mr. I Play WOW doesn't even know that you buy high end items from the Auction House not Vendors in game. Not only that but I'm just going to leave this here.

I’m fairly certain that I specifically wrote “a theoretical comparative gaming context” - and not an “actual gaming comparative context.”

There’s a pretty big difference between those two. Details matter. Rest assured, the wording was quite deliberate.

In case you were wondering, the overall communication concept being used in the example is sometimes called “providing an illustrative example.”

It’s totally reasonable that you may have not understood my use of that concept in what I wrote. I apologize for any confusion.

Hope that clarifies any misunderstanding.

Thank you for pointing out the areas of that post that may have caused confusion. Clarifying always improves the communication!

Be well.

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What sort of guarantee does Twin Galaxies offer that these will impress the ladies?

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Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

What sort of guarantee does Twin Galaxies offer that these will impress the ladies?

Not sure if there’s any guarantee that TWIN GALAXIES can offer that will do such a thing, but I have heard, but cannot confirm, that Centipede high scores may independently offer some benefit. However I could be mistaken.

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