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The matter is closed.

The enormous thanks and appreciation and additional thoughts that Twin Galaxies would like to express to the entire community will be addressed in a future post.

In the meanwhile, immediate questions can be answered on this thread.


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Quote Originally Posted by Brian_H

Reposting here:

Wow, this is shockingly disappointing. I also have a few parting statements:

1) To those wondering about Michael Zyda ::: I'm a real Electrical Engineer and Michael Zyda's statements are completely false. 100% demonstrably false. To clarify what I mean by "real E.E.": My B.S. and M.S. are in Electrical Engineering not a "B.Arts in Computer and Information Science" ,,, LOL ... (fake "degree" for people who want to get into "technology" but don't have the intelligence to make it through a real degree). Zyda's statements should obviously not be taken seriously.

2) To Jace Hall ::: Jace, you are a disgusting, spineless, piece of garbage! You make me sick. You just slapped everyone in the face who has been hurt by Mitchell over the years. You just spit in the face of everyone who values integrity over personal gain/loss. You were given an opportunity (that most aren't afforded) to make a difference for the good of the community but you cowardly pissed it away. That "Statement from T.G." was horrifically terrible and so are you.

3) To the T.G. community ::: My opinion is that the best thing to do from here is just starve the Twin Galaxies website. If people keep coming here to submit scores, vote on scores, comment on posts, read editorials, etc. it only encourages this type of spineless behavior from Ms. Hall and his editorial staff cronies. Websites are not expensive, you can make your own database. One with integrity and honor (the opposite of the qualities that T.G. stands for). For me, to continue to support T.G. after this debacle would be just as spineless as the actions of Hall and Mitchell.

4) I despise Billy but this is a huge win for him and a giant loss for the T.G. community. So, what happened? The Michael Zyda thing is an obvious smoke screen but what actually happened? Just something to think about ... do you want to participate in a website that straight up lies to you like T.G. just did in that "statement"? For me the answer is a resounding NO.

Zyda is entitled to his opinion. Just like you. I do not agree with Zyda's opinion. TG never said it agreed with it. End of story. Throughout the dispute, Twin Galaxies has always provided a means for the public to have access to the information. As a "qualified expert," Zyda has new information for the public to consider. It has now been presented, just like everything else. People can make their own judgments about his opinion. TG was unmoved by Zyda's opinion and believes what was presented is not credible or sufficient.

I completely acknowledge your (and anyone else’s) expressed disappointment, a sentiment I share. From the outset, TG was prepared for a trial if necessary, and that stance hasn't wavered. Buying TG and striving to improve it thrust me into this controversy; I certainly wasn't looking for it. When Jeremy Young’s dispute surfaced, TG, along with the community, endeavored to reach a fair and thorough resolution. This process led to legal threats against TG and Guinness, demanding score reinstatement back to the active leaderboards, a retraction of the TG opinion, and the unbanning of the submitter. TG stood firm, maintaining its integrity and position, despite significant legal challenges and expenses since April 12, 2018.

The effort and resources invested in this process have been substantial. I have likely put more personal time, money, and work from my life into this matter in the face of direct adversity than many of the people who may now stand in criticism of TG, to uphold the community's values and transparency. Please keep in mind that the expenditure of resources and effort toward transparency, along with the nature of the legal process, is precisely how all the information that people publicly know and reference today has become available, and certainly that information has been helpful in public understanding and discourse.

The investment cost to me in this matter is irrevocable and was made out of deep care for the TG vision, community, gaming culture, integrity, and transparency. I am absolutely not complaining or seeking pity or return, but it is important to clarify that my actions have absolutely never been intended to "slap people in the face." Quite the contrary. It has been with great difficulty that I have endeavored to invest time and effort while continuously managing my personal emotions so as to be sure to only make careful strategic decisions focusing on the core issues to maintain, as mentioned above.

Regarding the outcome, many were looking for a more emotionally charged, visceral, and satisfying resolution. I totally acknowledge that. It did not unfold that way, and I understand this disappointment and share it on a personal level. However, it’s vital to note that TG's initially stated positions upon resolution remain unchanged, which was our core focus from the beginning:

1. Is Billy still banned from Twin Galaxies competition?


2. Are Billy's world records going back onto the main leaderboards?


3. Has the opinion of Twin Galaxies changed regarding Billy's Donkey Kong scores?


These positions, established on April 12, 2018, are still upheld today.

Now let's address the statement and historical database restoration concerns specifically:

The TG statement has unfortunately been placed within some disappointing narratives, partly due to the use of the specific word "reinstate." Of course, people are going to do and say what they want, but aside from things that TG cannot control, if you look within the statement itself, Twin Galaxies's words specifically stay focused on facts and next-step actions, and it does not try to create or lead a specific narrative. Looking back, it should have focused more on the narrative.

Let me make one point clear: New Twin Galaxies, as a platform and service, placing the old, original historical database that it purchased in an unaltered state on its site is something that it always should have available, regardless of any statement, litigation, or external circumstance. Preserving Twin Galaxies’ history, whatever it was or is, is a very basic thing that Twin Galaxies should be doing for the public record.

The origin of the database "reinstatement" is due to a repeated concern that was brought to TG's attention long before any legal contention. It was shown that when Twin Galaxies removed scores and altered material in its active competitive modern database, it was literally removing and altering the only actual documented video game history of those records in the process.

It would be one thing if the entire original TG database was legally replicated everywhere and easily accessible to everyone. In that circumstance, the alterations that TG was making in removing, altering, or correcting scores would not literally be erasing the only complete public history record (whether it was good history or bad), but that easily accessible, totally complete data redundancy does not fully exist in legal forms anywhere. Therefore, the point was not lost on me regarding the fact that TG was making parts of video game history literally disappear, potentially forever.

To rectify that issue, Twin Galaxies chose to "reinstate" that old original historical database in its entirety for the public's consumption, and from my viewpoint, this was a very good thing for the reasons stated above. The fact that some scores that may have been removed from the modern database still remain in this old database is exactly the point of the old historic database’s existence and purpose.

It should be stated that no scores were ever removed by the new Twin Galaxies from the old original historic TG database. Those scores you see in it have always been part of it. It was the original historic database itself that was removed in its entirety when New TG acquired it and started transferring and editing the data into a new database.

So "reinstating" the full old original historic database for public view is what has taken place, scores and all, and this is why the statement specifically contains the phrase " part of the Historical Database."

My view in regard to taking this action was that it was a move in a positive direction. Whether TG likes what's in there or not doesn't change the fact that what's in there was historically there. I saw no problem with that and still believe that it is important to have it maintained at TG.

Yes, it is now evident that both this action and the phrasing of the statement have unintentionally fostered a narrative that diverges from our original intent behind the restoration. Twin Galaxies approached the database reinstatement from a positive perspective, focusing primarily on the physical act itself of it being online without fully considering the complete range of other narratives it might be later used for. This oversight has understandably caused concern for some members of the community, but any false narrative will eventually fade due to demonstrated reality.

In summary, I understand your frustration and the points you have made. It is unfortunate that you or others now want to harm me personally, or Twin Galaxies, because of that disappointment. TG has worked very hard to improve things and make progress. Please know that I have always personally done and will continue to do what I believe is best for Twin Galaxies and the gaming community as a whole. I have never deliberately tried to harm anyone, and the fact is that Twin Galaxies has maintained the same position, opinion, and stance it took on April 12, 2018 throughout all of the challenges.



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This seemed very appropriate today.

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