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Dear Community,

In response to community requests for a simpler purchase method, Twin Galaxies now additionally allows people to buy certificates directly with a credit card via the Twin Galaxies Online Store by purchasing a voucher. Please note that a blockchain wallet is still required to receive the TG Certificate.

To purchase a voucher and get your certificate, please visit the link below and follow the simplified instructions:

Please feel free to place any questions here in this thread. Thank you!

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Quote Originally Posted by 80sArcadeKid

I try to buy 30 polygon to buy the certificate and keep my costs down $AUD60 but that Moon payment thing doesn't accpet my VISA or VISA debit so I'm forced to spend AUD$90 on the TG store for what is a virtual item or go without.
For old fella's like me this is a PITA, roadblock after roadblock, not sure I want to pay this much for a virtual certificate. I think I'm just not gonna worry about it.

I understand your concerns regarding the challenges in the crypto ecosystem, and it's true that some aspects are beyond our control. However, there are alternative options to purchase tokens besides Moon Payment, but what they are can depend on what country you are in and what the rules are.

Until the crypto ecosystem is made a bit more intuitive, it is likely that the TG store may be a more convenient method for many to obtain a certificate if the goal is to avoid complexity.

It's important to note that while your certificate may be described as "virtual," it holds the same validity as a stock certificate held in an online trading account like Robinhood. Interestingly, as we progress, the consensus may shift towards recognizing that things are not truly "real" unless they are recorded on a blockchain.

Take car ownership, for example. It's difficult to prove ownership of a car without the registration in your name, which essentially means your name is recorded on a database somewhere, indicating your ownership. The registration itself is "virtual," yet it holds legal validity.

The cool thing is that by choosing to mint your record, your score is now registered on the public blockchain. Even if TG were to disappear tomorrow, the proof of your achievement and its adjudication approval will persist on the blockchain. Whether you own it or not, the historical proof of your accomplishment will continue to exist, which is a significant advantage.

I hope that made sense.

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