01-13-2018 at 02:33 PM
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Wall Concerns and Upcoming Features

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We understand that with the closing of the forums there is some functionality that is still desired for the Wall system.

Please know that we are working on this and we would like to ask for some patience.

Here are the items you can expect to see added reasonably soon:

Ability to subscribe to a Wall Post
Wall posts that are "lockable"
Easy share links to Wall Post Topics.
Direct link addresses to individual Wall Post responses.
Friendly URLs for Wall Post Topics.

Regarding Search:

We have been working on improved search for some time. The new search will properly search everything from Player Profiles to Archived Forum content to Wall content and then display everything in an intuitive and organized way.

Please bear with us. TG is growing at a rapid rate and it is difficult to keep up on everything quickly.

You will be seeing lots of other additions soon, such as:

Discussions attached to specific game tracks (so all knowledge stays with a track)

Ability to "Follow" game tracks (notifications of scores and conversation)

TG's comment system extended to newsfeed articles

News feed articles appearing in your Wall Feed the second they are released.

Editorial articles covering the accomplishments of TG players every week

All new professional user profile pages designed to present members to every type of eSport/Sponsor/Professional community (this one is really cool, a bit IMDBish)

And more!

In any case, please hang on with us as @admin staff works through all these growing pains!
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