06-27-2020 at 04:12 PM
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Billy Mitchell v. Twin Galaxies [antiSLAPP] Evidence and Materials - Donkey Kong Dispute Updated

Dear Community:

We have updated the Jeremy Young Donkey Kong Arcade Dispute Claim Thread with the materials below.


On Friday June 26,2020, Twin Galaxies' formally responded to Mr. Mitchell's opposition filing to our Anti-Slapp motion.

Please find all the documents, details and evidence provided within the publicly available filings here, as well as Mr. Mitchell's 2nd demand letter which specifically describes what body of evidence was used to justify Mr. Mitchell's score reinstatement by other record keeping organizations (this letter is attached to this posting as images below for convenience):

As previously stated, it is Twin Galaxies policy to always make best efforts to conduct public and transparent discourse on any evidentiary matter concerning a dispute in question. So we provided everything concerning the matter here for review and informative benefit to the public discourse regarding the dispute claim. As always, all new and compelling evidence is more than welcome to be accepted and considered in the continuous search for facts and applicable historical data around any score performance.

As such, we feel that it is only fair and appropriate as well as in the public interest for us to also include the official Twin Galaxies formal response to the matter in this dispute thread, which are doing now.

In reviewing the material, please note a few items:

1.) Twin Galaxies is always interested in receiving relevant and compelling evidence for any dispute claim discussion. Even if a dispute has been resolved to a definitive outcome supported by incontrovertible evidence by reasonable measure, Twin Galaxies understands that it is always theoretically possible for new discoveries to be made, and welcomes those new discoveries.

It is not necessary to hire lawyers and threaten Twin Galaxies out of the blue to get it to review and consider relevant new evidence - all anyone has to do is simply reach out and directly request an opportunity to present the information.

2.) Twin Galaxies would like to thank the gaming community and the participating public at large for their involvement, support and significant contributions to this entire ongoing matter. We do understand that there may be some historic wounds associated with this specific dispute, the various people involved, and the potential ramifications of the matter. We apologize for any discomfort that this dispute claim process may continue to inadvertently raise and want to express our deep appreciation for everyone's patience and understanding in this matter. It's not easy, but unfortunately it is necessary.

As our community knows, the new era and ownership of Twin Galaxies today is very different from the old previous ownership and there is no ongoing association or relationship between the new ownership and the old ownership.

Now while the previous ownership may have made some missteps which the new ownership continues to work through step-by-step over time in great detail to address those items with the community's help, it is important to understand that despite the historic challenges we must face we still wholeheartedly believe in the core vision and full potential of Twin Galaxies' fundamental mission to support increased recognition opportunities for all people who participate in the activity of playing video games. With the help and support of the community, we will continue to work toward that goal.

3.) With the formal response from Twin Galaxies to Mr. Mitchell's opposition motion being filed and posted to this dispute thread, we are once again closing the dispute thread at this time to avoid clutter.

We continue to maintain a separate public forum thread for further unofficial discussion of the subject to continue if desired. It can be found here:

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  1. timmell's Avatar

    Who (the person, not the entity of TG)did Mitchell give the tapes to? That is the only thing I care about to give him my own personal judgement of his character.

  2. timmell's Avatar
    Oh my not sure if I'm reading the documents correctly, but BM's Hot sauce business took a 50% revenue dive cause of this. Hahah. It is just people realize it isn't that good. There are so many better medium sauces out there.

    It still good, just not that good.
  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    working my threw it, oh dang, i was under the wrong impression he took over the business from his father, i didnt realize he himself started it when he was 15. I'll give the guy credit for the hard work there

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