02-13-2021 at 09:51 AM
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New Game Follow Function

It was added a little while ago but never announced...

It is now possible to "Follow" games in the TG database!

For instance, Donkey Kong Arcade's Follow button can be found here:

To follow a game, just find any game in the database and click its "Follow" button.

When you follow a game, the system will then automatically notify you of any future activity that happens on any of that game's leaderboards or comment sections!

Right now the functionality is very basic, but we will be looking to expand its use over time - such as direct notification of upcoming competitions, bounties or even topic related news articles.

Please feel free to follow as many game titles as you have interest in! Also, please let us know if everything is working correctly with it, and what additional features related to this functionality you would like to see in the future!

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  1. Emayl's Avatar

    Great feature. I tried it out and appear to be having a problem. When trying to follow this version of Yie Ar Kung-fu:

    It instead has jumps to and has me follow the C64 version, not the arcade version:

    It seems to work fine on other games I try to follow, so this may be an isolated incident. I may be missing something, as well. Just wanted to pass it along.


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