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08-19-2014 at 03:26 PM
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FINALLY: Where the Wild Games Are Is Back & Some Robotron Streaming to Boot

Well, it seems that work and life in general have once again managed to wedge themselves between me and my gaming pursuits. As you may remember, several weeks ago I took a trip to Wisconsin and Chicago for my wife's 25th High School Reunion. One of the the perks of joining her on this trip was that I was able to check out some classic arcade joints along the way. When I last posted, I had just left Madison and was headed to one of the Midwest's primary Meccas for classic video games - Chicago.

Since the blogs here at Twin Galaxies allow a maximum of 8 photos, and since there is way to much classic arcade goodness in Chicago to offer up a cursory tour of said amazeballs, I will be breaking the Chi-Town portion of this blog into three parts. For the first segment I give you Logan Hardware (http://www.logan-hardware.com/ ) & Logan Arcade (http://loganarcade.com/ ). Originally located in the back of a vintage record store known as Logan Hardware, the gaming goodness was too much to be confined in the recesses of a retail establishment, even one as downright awesome as this. Thus Logan Arcade was born, just down the street from the record shop (which is still there and still has a small "museum" collection of classic arcade games.

The unassuming sign outside of Logan Hardware give scant clue as to the classic gaming goodness that awaits inside.

Located in three large sections is a collection of over 40 arcade games and 30 pinball machines which line the brick walled interior of this bar.

Some of my favorite games, including Toobin', Bosconian and of course Donkey Kong can be found alongside one of the best canned craft beer selections I have ever come across.

The space inside Logan Arcade is roomy and comfortable and the staff is downright congenial. I met and chatted with the tech who takes care of the games while enjoying a frosty beverage at the bar and he told me that I would be able to find my all-time favorite game, Robotron 2084, in the "museum" at Logan Hardware just down the street.

After a few rounds of DK I would head that way to see if I could set the high score, which I did at 4.5 million points. Not my best showing by far, but definitely good to see this classic cropping up in the "Wild".

My wife was able to get into the groove with a lengthy run of Super Mario Bros 3 on the dual-screen Nintendo Playchoice.

I even came across a few games of which I have never heard, including this B*Rap Boyz, which was a pretty cool fighter.

And as insane as it may sound to those who know me well, I was even able to post the daily High Score on Donkey Kong, a game that I am most definitely NOT know for with regard to skills. Next stop on our arcade tour of Chicago will be Headquarters, so be sure to check back in a few days for the next installment of this (all be it very delayed) recap of our journey.

Robotron 2084 VKE - So one game that I do consider myself to be fairly skill at playing is Robotron. Without a doubt Robotron is my favorite arcade game of all time. As a kid in the 80's I was mesmerized by the chaos and frenetic gameplay, though my skills back then never saw me breaking out of the first ten waves.

Flash forward some 30 years, I began collecting arcade games and the second one that I added to my collection was a Robotron. I quickly became obsessed with learning how to play this game well. Early on my goal was to break 1,000,000 points. That quest took me the better part of six months, playing almost daily in our basement, cursing and moving the arcade cab around by the joysticks, suffer from what is often termed "Robo-Rage" by avid players. Then I stumbled onto a Facebook called Williams Defender Players Unite (https://www.facebook.com/groups/414018338637546/). Though the name denotes a focus on the classic scroller, I soon discovered that the group also was composed of fans of other Defender classics like Joust, Sinistar and of course Robotron. One of the original employees of Twin Galaxies, Mark Hoff, also a member of WDPU, created the Robotron Guidebook (http://www.robotron2084guidebook.com/) a compendium of all things Robotron. I quickly learned the basic tricks of the game, like protecting Mikey during Brain Waves, moving in non-linear patters & herding grunts and enforcers. Soon I was able to "roll" the score at 10,000,000 points and I became obsessed with marathoning Robotron.

In January of this year, in conjunction with the American Classic Arcade Museum, Aurcade, Jace Hall's Leet Lounge on Twitch MAGFest, I played Robotron for 8.5 hours in an attempt to reach 100 million point Gauntlet (http://www.robotron2084guidebook.com...rs/highscores/). My game ended at 33,000,000, but later that weekend Ken Hoff was able to topple the elusive 100,000,000 point barrier, and in the process definitively prove that the scores listed in the TG archives could not have been accomplished on one credit. For more background on why this is the case, check out this write up on the 100,000,000 point bonanza - http://www.robotron2084guidebook.com...ralifebonanza/.

I still hope to join Ken in the list of players who have broken 100,000,000 points on Robotron (a feat that took Ken 24 hours of continuous gameplay). However, doing so will take time, planning and a lot of coffee. These days, due to my work schedule, family responsibilities and a recent move back to the States, I need to be able to get my Robotron fix in shorter spurts. Thus I have embraced the VidKidz Extreme (VKE) Challenge - http://williamsplayersunite.com/WPU2013WP/?page_id=1570. Basically, this scoring track was started by Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar as a means to truly challenge their skills. Basically, when you walk up to a Robotron game "in the wild" the typical default settings are 3/5/25 (3 man start, difficulty 5, extra man every 25,000 points). VKE ramps up the challenge with settings at 3/10/50 (3 man start, MAX difficulty 10, extra man every 50,000 points). Many of the current top Robotron players have embraced this scoring track. One is considered a "Robotron Master" if they can get a VKE score of 750,0009 points. So far the highest verified VKE score is an amazing 1,430,425, posted by David Gomez. My personal VKE high score is 620,000 points, just shy of that elusive 750K mark. I am still working on that score, almost nightly these days. I have been streaming my VKE attempts via twitch on my channel at https://www.twitch.tv/waterborn_gamer. Typically I will post times when I plan to stream via my Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/Waterborn_Prod. So check out my feed and follow me if you want a heads up when I will be streaming. I plan to do so around 8:30pm Eastern time this evening (8/19/14).
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