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05-10-2014 at 06:25 PM
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Back to blogging about games

Well quite a bit is happening here at Twin Galaxies lately. New site, restored forums, user verification, blogs and very soon new score submissions. Huge kudos to Jace and his team for starting the process of rebuilding this community. Many thought Twin Galaxies was done, buried under a mound of bad decisions, poor management and troll mongering like so many Atari 2600 cartridges in the desert. Kudos to the new owners and staff of TG for making such grand strides in such a short time period. I for one am excited to see what they have in store once the initial dust from the remodelling settles down.

Since this is my first "official" Twin Galaxies Blog I figured that I would introduce myself a bit and give a little background on my history in gaming and online communities in general. I grew up in Florida in the 70's and 80's and literally lived at various arcades as the industry developed, bloomed and eventually went bust. My "home" arcade was a massive, cavernous collection of games located on the first floor of the Contemporary Hotel at Walt Disney World. It was there that I first saw some of my favourite titles, including TRON, which debuted in conjunction with the premier of the movie starring Jeff Bridges. I saw that movie (as well as Black Hole) at a theatre located in the back of the arcade. My family would visit Disney and the Contemporary almost weekly and I would always sneak off to check out the latest games at the arcade. To this day I am still searching for photos of that room as it looked in the early 80's, so if you have any or know of some posted on the internet, please let me know.

Flash forward about 25 years. After moving around the Eastern Seaboard of the US for work (as a Marine Biologist with several large aquariums, hence my online username "Waterborn"), I settled in Boston, MA where I served as the Community Manager for another gaming related web site for several years in my free time. While serving in that capacity I sat on the Public Advisory Committee for the inaugural PAXEast, helped to organize and throw the Gamers Gone Wild parties at that convention in 2010 and 2011 and produced a Pop Culture Series that included audio and video interviews with various gaming, movie, comic book and musical personalities. I hope to bring some of this content here to share with you in time. In addition to producing a variety of online content about pop culture I also create a culinary blog called "Cooking in the Great Outdoors", which led to several auditions for show such as Master Chef, Chopped, The Taste and a trip out to LA to do a test pilot for one show coming up on NBC this summer.

My interest in arcade games was renewed after I moved to New England and discovered the American Classic Arcade Museum, located inside Funspot in Weirs Beach, NH. Shortly after my first visit to check out that collection of arcade games, I began to collect classic arcade games, My collection has grown and shrunk over that time, maxing out at about a dozen games back in 2013. The second game that I acquired was my favourite of all time, Robotron 2084. As a kid I pretty much sucked playing this game, rarely scoring over 100,000. However, when I was able to play the game in my own home as an adult, learning & comparing strategies on how to better my score from other players, I was able to become very good at the game in a short period of time. Before the shut down of the scoreboard here at Twin Galaxies I was ranked 16th overall on the default settings for Robotron (3 man start, new man every 25K, difficulty 5). I have since posted a live score of 33 million points (streamed live from MAGFest 2014 by Jace Hall on his Lee7Live Twitch channel) and hope to join Ken House as a member of the 100 million point club very soon. Robotron is pretty much the only game that I excel at, but I still love to play them all and try to attend the annual Classic Arcade Tournament at ACAM every June. I also volunteer for ACAM in support of their Classic Arcade Room at PAXEast each year.

So that is a bit about me and my connection to video games and online communities. I look forward to sharing some stories about my collecting adventures both past and present. I also look forward to submitting some new personal high scores for Robotron once the submittal process is set up.

Below are a few photos of my personal arcade as it existed last year before we relocated to Canada. Also below is a picture of the ACAM Classic Arcade Room at PAXEast.

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