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12-01-2017 at 09:28 AM
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Test Your Dragster Bias!

Name:  kim-jong-un-dragster.jpg
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Do you believe this is an image of a legitimate 5.41 performed on Atari 2600 Hardware by the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un recently?

Do you believe this is a fake/manipulated image in some way?

Your initial reaction and belief regarding this image may inform you.

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  1. GibGirl's Avatar

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    well i'll be damned, looks like it is possible after all and in fact even higher. far be it from me to doubt a head of state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl
    Any perception you have of me trolling is your own personal construct or personal explanation for your interpretation of my actions, I assure you.
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    I assure you these two gentlemen are happy.

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