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    What do you think are the best places?
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    I don't have time to get all the info but around Dallas there are quite a few good ones.

    Free Play (two locations)



    Quarter Lounge
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    Arcade Expo in Banning California is incredible, but not open all year and is not exactly easy to get to.

    Funspot is iconic, and is a great time during tournaments or on a rainy day. The place gets packed. If you go off season, or on a sunny day, it is a big of a ghost town and that is kinda depressing.

    House of Targ has made a name for themselves by being the only arcade to specialize in perogies. I love going there, great bar, great lineup of pinball. At night the music can get crazy loud with live bands and everything. Very good vibe there.

    John Salter's Full Blast is top notch as well, as John pours himself into repairing games and making them awesome to play. I have seen the mods he has done on the modern racer games, and it is a sight to behold. He upgraded the internals with faster PC's, better graphics cards, and LCD montitors which allows for much higher resolution. Sure they machine is then no longer original, but holy cow it is fun to play and a sight to behold.
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