Clone Consoles


A "clone console" or "clone platform" is a game console designed to play the games of a specific game platform or platforms (such as the NES, SNES, Atari 2600), but was not developed by or licenced by that platform's manufacturer.


Currently clone consoles are NOT allowed for submissions at Twin Galaxies for the platform(s) they replicate. This is most commonly due to the fact that these consoles are often implemented using emulation, and as a result, do not play the games the same way as the original platform.

Jace Hall (Direct Link):
"Submissions for the NES platform must use the original NES platform. That is what that platform category is for. The NES is a specific piece of hardware, and unlike a PC, never intended to be altered by consumer.
Not sure why there is any confusion about this.
There currently is no AnalogueNT Mini platform category for members to submit on. The NES platform is not the AnalogueNT Mini platform. They are objectively different. One might even argue that the extreme clarity of signal and resolution of the NT could be considered advantage.
With that being said, we can get that NT platform added separately if you would like?
For now that is the only solution if you want to submit scores using that platform."

However, discussions on how the clones should be supported on the scoreboard is ongoing.
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