Direct Capture

Using direct capture of game video for a submission is acceptable, and often appreciated. However, any submitter should be aware that direct capture, used by itself, leaves ambiguity to the source of the video.

Many adjudicators will not accept a submission that is just direct capture of the game when it is on any console older than the current generation. This is due to the fact that without seeing the console itself, they cannot exclude the possibility of the game being played on an emulator or a clone console, which are tracked separately. There are also cases where it may be difficult to be certain the game is played on the specified console, as multi-platform games are sometimes difficulty to distinguish.

If possible, a submission should also include secondary video of the gameplay that shows the console and the submitter. Doing this in a manner that makes it possible to match up the direct capture plus the secondary video that includes the screen. Secondary video that does not show the screen, perhaps only showing the controller and/or the player, does not offer the same level of evidence and may not meet the bar for all adjudicators.

Direct capture of the latest consoles, ones for which there are no functioning emulators, has a lower bar. This is due to the lack of ambiguity around the source. It is still desirable to make it as easy as possible to identify the console being used, as again, multi-platform titles can sometimes be hard to distinguish. Showing the console start up and dashboards work very well.

Direct capture from modern consoles via streaming services has also been deemed acceptable. It is recommended to link to supporting evidence, such as to source video on the streaming service (such as Twitch or Mixer). The metadata from these videos can often be sufficient to corroborate the source of the video.

As always, Twin Galaxies encourages including any evidence which helps clarify the legitimacy of the score attempt, and your fellow adjudicators appreciate making their job as easy as possible.

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