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Current Discussion: preferred information and tone on adding arcade informatoin

Started by Snowflake 12-11-2018
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    I hope i'm not misreading this, so i'm starting all my comments in the discussion thread instead of creating a page directly. But is this a place to let people know about Twin Galaxies friendly arcades?

    I for example would love to give an entry on Full Blast. As its the arcade I regularly visit, i can give a good run down, however, well, the more you like something the harder it is to not sound promotional. Also, the real examples proving how twin galaxies friendly it is come from personal experience with the arcade staying open 24 hours to let me marathon, and although i think its relevant to point out that the owner was willing to let me do that, i also recognize theres an issue with me personally being the one to bring it up.

    would definitely value advice on how to proceed.
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