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My top best manga with a dating storyline
The similarities between manga and dating mainly lie in the following four aspects: firstly, both are about betting on someone for a long term; secondly, it often takes some time before both parties know whether they like each other or not; thirdly, both are about taking chances; last but not least, in some cases, potential partners have to fight for their love.
I'm glad to present to you my favorite selection of dating and relationship manga's
They are all available in English and have many fans all over the world.

Gakuen Alice
Gakuen Alice is a shounen manga written and illustrated by QuinRose.
In this manga, the protagonist Nagaru has just started her first day at a new school called Gakuen Alice. The school is unique since the students are sorted into Alice classes based on their abilities.
Nagaru becomes friends with a boy named Akira who is in her class, as well as some other classmates and teachers.
There are many stories based on romance in this manga, so many that some fans have gone through all of them to see if different pairings end up together in the end.

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Koe no Katachi is a manga that tells the story of two middle schoolers, Ishida Shouya and Nishimiya Shouko. It is about their unusual relationship, and how it changes over time.
Shouya gets bullied in elementary school for being different from others. He then starts to bully other kids as well. After he is involved in a bicycle accident and his right eardrum becomes damaged, people mistake him for the deaf. They also start bullying him more because they think it's all due to his own fault that he got deaf because he didn't wear a helmet while riding the bike.


Horimiya is a manga that portrays the story of two high school students - boy and girl. The boy and girl are friends who overcame the forbidden love obstacle before.
The manga had been running in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump since April 2011 but had been put on hiatus on August 31, 2013, because of author Kyousuke Motomi's illness.
This manga is about the romance between high school students who are friends from childhood.
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