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  2. List of track's names that have been edited by Pixe Sukola.

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This is a list of all tracks that have been edited by Daniel Ocampo, username Pixe Sukola.

Playstation - Gran Turismo 2 [February 22nd, 2021]

62 Corrections requested by Shaun Michaud. The word "Licence" was misspelled for the NTSC tracks. Other minor fixes were done to some of these tracks as well. All can be seen in the following video.


Nintendo Wii - Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge [March 1st, 2021]

10 Corrections were made to tracks, fixing the name of the game modes and wrongly named tracks.

Android - Final Fantasy Omnia Opera [March 4th, 2021]

Corrections requested by Barthax to add the Level specification.


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