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  2. The Old Twin Galaxies INP Archive

The Old Twin Galaxies INP Archive

From 2005 - 2012, Twin Galaxies collected INP data files associated with player's MAME performance submissions.

During the transition of ownership in 2014, this INP data was believed to have been lost and became unavailable.

Fortunately, the new ownership of Twin Galaxies finally located, restored and made available the entire TG INP Archive available for the community to view and appreciate the great performances of incredible players.

Historically, these INP files were linked to their corresponding score performances in the TG database, however that link information has been lost.

Verified Twin Galaxies members that would like to see a particular INP file attached to its corresponding score performance in the TG database must file a dispute claim with a short explanation and reference link (or directory path) to the INP that is stored in the TwinGalaxies Archive itself (this is to make sure that the attached INP has never left Twin Galaxies possession).

If the dispute claim is approved, the INP will be linked and the dispute will be placed into inactive status, maintaining a complete record of the process of the request to attach the INP to the performance in the database.

We are pleased to at last make this long lost information available and Twin Galaxies continues to work toward a greater and more transparent set of processes and support for the entire video game player community!
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