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Over the span of 30+ years, many passionate video game players have submitted amazing performances to Twin Galaxies with a desire for recognition and acknowledgement.

The vast majority of the performances that were sent to Twin Galaxies were recorded on VHS video tape (or DVD), and TG referees would review those recordings as part of the old process of adjudication. Once they were reviewed, the tapes were placed in boxes and archived away, never to be seen again!

Since VHS tapes will not last forever, Twin Galaxies has decided to open those archive boxes and digitize as many tapes as it can for long term preservation.

Some of the tapes may be for performances that are already listed in the Twin Galaxies database, and some of the tapes may be of score performances that referees from the past were never able to find enough time to adjudicate.

This Wiki page is where Twin Galaxies will provide links to a copy of each tape that is digitized and preserved.

There are hundreds of tapes to process, so this list shall continue to grow over time.

If old performances that were not adjudicated at the time of submission during an old Twin Galaxies era are found, they will not automatically be placed into the Twin Galaxies database. Instead, the individual who originally submitted that performance can re-submit it under the new and current TGSAP adjudication system.

08/05/2005Nick VatcherInfo/DiscussionSNES / SFC - Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - NTSC Fastest Completion- 21:40
UnknownUnknownInfo/DiscussionARCADE - "Perfect Pacman Patterns"
07/26/2004Scott KesslerInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Mario World - Minimalist Completion
05/23/2006Gary HattInfo/DiscussionNES SCORES #3
12/30/2005Douglass LoydInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Punch Out - Fastest KO of Gabby Jay
08/21/2006Terence O'NeilInfo/DiscussionSega-Genesis-Atari-7800-Multi-Submission-08-21-06
UnknownMatt O'RourkeInfo/DiscussionSega Genesis-Crue-Ball-295474400
12/02/2005Andrew GardikisInfo/DiscussionF-Zero Death Wind 11:44.44 SNES tape
UnknownTrevor SeguinInfo/DiscussionMystery Tape! Unknown Player NES - Mega Man
11/02/2006Aaron KimballInfo/DiscussionNES - Tape 01 and Tape 02 - Multiple Games and Performances
02/14/2007Nik MeeksInfo/DiscussionSega Genesis PGA Tour Golf II
UnknownUnknownInfo/DiscussionSMS-NES-SNES - HangOn - SafariHunt - RCProAM II-Stone Protectors
UnknownUnknownInfo/DiscussionARCADE - (2) 6HR Perfect Game PAC MAN
10/29/2005Scott KesslerInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Ghouls-N-Ghosts Speed Run - Time: 45:41
UnknownGary HattInfo/DiscussionNES TAPE #4 - Tiles of Fate 4099 - Puzznic 501,000 - Chiller 1,291,800
01/17/2006Terence O'NeilInfo/DiscussionSega Genesis - Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion - Points
03/03/2006Terence O'NeilInfo/DiscussionNES - Mario Bros 4494080 Points
03/06/2007Robert Garner Jr.Info/DiscussionSNES -Super Mario Kart Fastest Times
UnknownScott KesslerInfo/DiscussionSNES -Super Castlevania IV
UnknownScott KesslerInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Mario World - 11:23
UnknownNik MeeksInfo/DiscussionNES - Mike Tysons Punch Out
UnknownDavid Vicens "Kasht"Info/DiscussionSNES - Super Punch Out - Fastest KOs
07/06/2009Matthew CorsiInfo/DiscussionSNES - The King of Dragons - NTSC - Points - 630100
2/26/2010Geoffrey LinInfo/DiscussionSNES - Kirby's Avalanche - NTSC - Points - 112434
10/02/2005Troy WhelanInfo/DiscussionNES - Track & Field - NTSC - Different Events
06/17/2009Joseph SmithInfo/DiscussionSNES - Assorted Titles
02/26/2010Geoffrey LinInfo/DiscussionSNES - Kirby's Avalanche - NTSC - Points - 112434
6/10/2008Chris CorsiInfo/DiscussionSNES - Earthbound - NTSC - Fastest Completion - 11:24:50 (Pt 1)
6/10/2008Chris CorsiInfo/DiscussionSNES - Earthbound - NTSC - Fastest Completion - 11:24:50 (Pt 2)
8/24/2004Adam SweeneyInfo/DiscussionSNES - Mega Man X - 100% Completion - 46:24 and SNES - Super Mario World - Minimalist Completion - 11:08
6/20/2009Joseph SmithInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back - Brave - Points - 87770
8/26/2009Cody PoolInfo/DiscussionSNES - Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - NTSC - Points - 110395