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The Twin Galaxies Legacy Leaderboard Archive

Beginning with Walter Day's visits to arcade locations across the United States during the summer of 1981, Twin Galaxies aspired to serve as a comprehensive site that recognized a range of rules-based achievements in video game competition. To support recognition of player efforts, Twin Galaxies developed different means to track scores in a centralized fashion over time. However, for a range of reasons, not all of the original scores previously tracked by Twin Galaxies were retained with the organization's relaunch in 1996-1997 despite efforts to identify and incorporate "lost scores."

The purpose of the TG Legacy Leaderboard Archive is to provide a centralized location to identify and share the breadth of score-tracking methods for video game achievements, ranging from the causual competition of high scores circulated on newgroup forums to previously-recognized scores tracked by the Old Twin Galaxies.

Collections of the Legacy Leaderboard Archive

1. The Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard


From 1982 to 1985, Twin Galaxies solicited and tracked arcade high scores on its leaderboard known as the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard (TGIS).

The TGIS was maintained on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III computer with an index card program and circulated in hardcopy format to participating arcades on a weekly basis.

The version of the TGIS found here is dated February 25, 1984 and is known to reflect approved scores that weren't retained with the re-emergence of Twin Galaxies in 1997 with the publication of the Twin Galaxies Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, and later the Twin Galaxies on-line database. It consists of 29 pages, with a page missing with games beginning with "P."

TGIS - February 1984

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