List of Feature Requests/Suggestions

As with the List of Known Website Bugs, this is a holding area until there's a proper ticketing system to file these under. Add as desired, though if your feature request is of significant complexity, please consider creating a separate wiki page for it and adding a title and link.


  • Have the list of "active streamers" prioritize active TG members in the list over the various "filler" streams listed on there.
  • Support other streaming services such as Mixer, not just Twitch, for both showing "active streamers" and for submitting videos directly
  • Shorten or improve the average of overall length of time from submission to approved/rejected scores in the TGSAP.
  • An official Twin Galaxies Discord.
  • An additional wall filter for just "Followed" users
  • On a user's "rankings" page, add tooltips for all of the platform icons. Many platform icons are not distinct at that scale, making it hard to tell what platform a ranking is for without clicking on the score link.
  • General integration of the wiki into the greater Twin Galaxies site. Especially the "guides" the community has created, such as the New User Guide, or the Add Track Guidance - and a clear procedure for how to get any future guides connected into the relevant locations. Done right this should help point newer users to all the information they need to be successful as they need it.
  • Updates of fixes and improvements on the site as they occur. Some features and bug fixes are obvious, but others are not - I'm wondering if there were new features that have been added that nobody has noticed.
  • Allow some type of filtering of the Recent Activity feed, such as being able to filter out certain events ("don't show submissions accepted"), or others as deemed useful.
  • Please drop endless scrolling. Please do not bring it back to the score submission forum. Going to a certain page number or last page is a lot of trouble, when the only way is to scroll down, wait a long time for next page to load, and repeat over and over, until you reach it. This website is slow and often hangs, (for me at least), which makes it even worse. It's also a bigger load for the server, when people are forced to load all pages, up until the one they want to reach. I often need to go to the last page of submissions, which was almost impossible with endless scrolling.
  • When you click a link, that takes you to the last post in a thread, please make it jump there instantly, instead of slowly scrolling down to it.

Leaderboards - General Functionality

  • Treat NTSC/PAL/EMU as "categories" that can be easily viewed or filtered out. (NTSC/PAL/EMU Category Feature Discussion)
  • Add the idea of "subtracks", a track that is a subcategory of another track. An example could be Gauntlet, where there could be four sub-track for the highest score with each of the four characters, and the main track combines them all, showing the top score for each player and the character used.
  • A system to add and connect wiki pages for individual games to the leaderboard page for the game. This wiki page, if it exists, would also be linked in submissions for that game. This would offer a method to record relevant information, knowledge, and history about the game that would be relevant for verifying submissions and scores. Building it into TG would offer a standardized way to name such pages, and automatically link them where relevant.
  • Be able to see a list of submissions to a track: current submissions, surpassed submissions and rejected ones.
  • Tracks for multiple-user records (co-op games) should allow specifying multiple users for the record, and show up on the rankings of each of the specified users. (Multi-user records Feature Discussion)
  • If Twin Galaxies does want to continue to have speedrun tracks, then create a specific "speedrun" track type, and give it additional functionality, such as integration with
  • A means for adding evidence to existing approved submissions - especially pre-TGSAP submissions that do not have submission threads.
  • Track additional metadata for submissions, things like specifics about hardware used when revisions matter, real cartridge/everdrive or real disc/disc emulator, and so on. This could help if issues are discovered later, and might make things a bit more flexible for allowing some additional hardware options knowing it's easy to split them out. This would need to work in a way where older submissions are fine without having this data populated, but have a means to add this data into existing scores.
  • Allow people to opt out of showing their real names on the leaderboards. They should still provide those real names, and any users not using them would need to be contacted about if they're willing to share their scores with outside sources that wanted to publish them - but given the steps taken to verify identities, I don't know if there's a need to insist all of the leaderboard show real names.

Leaderboards - Game List Page

  • Proposed new sort, possibly as new default - "Activity". Order games based on the number of submitters (people) to tracks in that game for some recent period of time - for example, the last three months. Then a secondary sort could be the number of submissions to tracks. This would allow a sort that shows which games people are currently submitting to - and might encourage further activity in those games.
  • Additional more sorting options, such as number of unique players for the game, average submissions per track, or most active.
  • Add filtering options, such as only viewing games you've submitted to. (Leaderboards filtering and sorting ideas)

Leaderboards - Track List Page

  • Additional sorting options.
  • Add filtering options, such as being able to only view tracks I have submitted a score in (or have not)
  • Improved methods of listing tracks and/or scores for cases when there are large numbers of similar tracks. For example, a Mario Kart games might have a "Best Race Time - 150cc" scoreboard on a Mario Kart game, with a drop-down to select the track, and a separate "Best Lap Time - 150cc" scoreboard. This is especially relevant for games with large numbers of similar tracks, where the current system can be hard to wade through. (Rock Band/Guitar Hero, Hill Climb Racing, etc)


  • Allow a submitter to choose an attached image to show as the submission thumbnail used on the submissions review page, instead of just grabbing a frame from the video.
  • SUBMISSION EDITING. (with appropriate features to prevent abuse - tracking edit history, clearing all votes from the submission when it's edited, and so on.) (Submission editing Feature Discussion)
  • A better method to select a previous video to use - current method of entering the vzaar ID is inconvenient because it's not straightforward to find the ID of an existing video, and the user has no means of confirming the video they specified is actually the correct one.
  • A way to ignore or filter out submissions based on user. This should NOT be the same as the existing ignore list for wall and thread posts, but unique to submissions.
  • New users should be granted more free submissions before they need submission points. It's very common for peoples' first submissions to have problems. More free ones will make it easier to get one accepted before they have to start adjudicating - and we want people to experience having a submission accepted.


  • Filtering the list of score submissions on multiple consoles simultaneously, and saving default filters. (Would allow a user to filter to only a subset of platforms they are comfortable adjudicating)
  • Stop treating a submission that's "cancelled" as a rejection.
  • Hide "credibility" scores for users, and stop tying site functionality to it (other than perhaps requiring a minimum value for submissions). This would encourage to vote more honestly instead of gaming the system to raise an arbitrary credibility "score".
  • Submissions have a general sense of having been ignored if they remain in the queue. Give ageing submissions some indication of how close they are to completion. Perhaps only shown after two weeks or more in the queue. This would give people that feel the queue doesn't move fast enough a place to exert some sense of control and also convey to the submitter some sense of how overlooked their submission may have been.

Track Creation

  • Allow a user to edit a new track proposal. This would encourage discussion on proposed tracks, and help reduce the number of "abandoned" track proposals. Implementation would likely want to do things like refund all points donated to the track, with the notification indicating the refund due to a proposal edit. Should encourage quality tracks however works best. (New Track Proposal Editing Feature Discussion)
  • A system for creating multiple sets of tracks at the same time if they use the same rules. So instead of having to do the "add derivative track" option for them all afterwards, allow for specifying an entire list of them in the new track proposal. Would make it easier to see what all will be added, and streamlines the creation process, as a list of names would be far easier than continually repeating the process one at a time.
  • All contributing users should be notified after a new track is successfully accepted.

Member Leaderboards

  • Potential leaderboards to add:

    • Average leaderboard rank (with some minimum number of submissions to show up so a single 1st place doesn't put someone at the top)


  • Allow "subscribing" to a track and/or game, and notify a user when a score is submitted to that track. Alternately, send such notifications for any track a user has submitted to.
  • The ability to do some sort of filtering of notifications - such as being able to filter out notifications from users that tend to create a lot of "noise".
  • Update "Your score got beat" notifications to include information on the track where the score was beaten.

Social Media

  • One or more Twitter accounts that are nothing more than activity feeds. One that is a list of new TG Records as they're accepted would be the most interesting. Additional ones could include a feed of any submission that's accepted, or a feed of new submissions.


  • Remove the Vzaar links from the submissions review page - this doesn't seem like the right place to show it, since it's in the submission itself.
  • Be able to identify the original submitter of a VZAAR video in case of re-use. This will become increasingly possible over time as the library gets larger.
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