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To assist both the TG website team with identifying issues to fix, and users to see what issues are known and how to work around them (where possible), this page collects known bugs and issues present on the Twin Galaxies website. Please feel free to add any additional bugs that you are aware of.

General Site Issues

  • In the text editor, if a user double-clicks on a word to highlight it, typing does not properly replace the word - the typed text is ignored. Single-clicks and triple-clicks allow typing properly afterwards, it's only double-clicks that don't work.
  • User notifications are spammy, with multiples often being sent for one event. The most notable is someone replying to a user's post on a thread, as the user will get three notifications - "user posted in this thread", "user tagged you in a post", "user quoted you in a post". Only the most specific notification should be sent, reducing the notification noise.
  • User icons and game box art is sporadically not available, showing broken image icons instead.
  • A URL in the beginning of a recent comment causes the text in the "recent comments" box to run over the right edge of the box and possibly over to the browser window edge.
  • Notifications for a person you've put on the ignore list add to the notification count on the notification bell, but don't show up in the bell icon pop-up notification feed. This can result in being told you have notifications, only to not have any show up.
  • Users get notifications for comments on subscribed wall posts they've been banned from, leading to notifications for posts they can't view.
  • Emoji are not handled properly in the text editor used for thread and wall posts - they end up a set of mangled characters.
  • The text editor will preserve formatting on text pasted in from other sources, but in many places, there are no options in the editor to change or remove the formatting. This can often result in pasted-in text that's hard to read if your day/night setting does not match the original poster.
  • "Active streamers" box does not show anyone anymore.
  • There's a large "jump" when scrolling down the page, at the moment when the header switches from the top of the page to a "floating" one that stays visible at the top. It's disorienting, and can make it difficult to view things in certain locations of the page.
  • User gets 3 pop-ups when there's a personal message. The mail icon is already showing that you have a message. There's no need for any pop-ups, let alone 3. You also get a notification, which is pointless, since the mail icon already shows you have mail.

Front Page Issues

  • The front page is broken in Firefox, with components incorrectly sized and misplaced.

Wall Feed Issues

  • The wall feed loads more content for the "infinite scroll" every time the user interacts with the page, even just by scrolling a little up or down. This results in loading too much content, using too much memory, and eventually making some browsers put up "unresponsive script" error dialogs.

Night Mode UI Issues

  • The platform icon for the Xbox 360 has a transparent background, unlike other icons which have a white background, making the console image hard to see.
  • The message composer pop-up boxes to enter text/URLs for links, and URLs for images, shows the text black on dark, making it unreadable.
  • Drop-downs on the "Add Track" page show white text on white.
  • General forum does not have a night mode.
  • The "Recent Activity" column on the Wall page does not have correct night mode text colors, and is hard to read.

Forum Issues

  • "Latest Posts" list on forum overview page ( lists posts that have since been deleted
  • Summary line under post name reads "Started By...", but then proceeds to give the username and time of the most recent post.

Submission/Leaderboard Issues

  • The process of "cleaning up" obsolete scores on a leaderboard can give bad results if there are multiple "In Process" scores at the same time.
    • If a user has more than one "In Process" score at the same time, if any score is accepted, only the top one remains - no matter how many scores are present, or which one is accepted.
    • If multiple users have "In Process" scores, one user's score being accepted will result in the new ESI for the leaderboard being calculated treating other "In Process" scores as accepted.

  • Submissions with a genuine value of zero (0) have not been added to the scoreboard.
  • When viewing the full leaderboard for a platform, extra blank pages are added to the selectable pages.
  • Non-latin character support is intermittent. For example, using a Unicode character in the game name of the Add Track page is converted not supported in the listing of games.
  • Non-latin character support from old data is intermittent. Many games and people's names from the pre-TGSAP data set have non-latin characters which have become munged into the new database.
  • If you have submission queue filters applied in the dropdowns, select a submission, then press "back" to return to the queue, the filters are still selected, but are not applied. The user then has to select a different filter, then go back to the previous one.
  • URLs for vzaar and Twitch videos do not automatically trim whitespace - a leading or trailing space will result in being told to "enter a valid URL"
  • On the submission page, clicking "click to upload" after the video load has already completed will throw an error in the browser console, and the "preview" and "submit" buttons stop working properly, forcing the user to start the submission and upload process a second time.
  • On the submission page, click "upload file" and select a file. Then click "upload file" a second time, and select the same file. Now click on the "x" to delete one of the copies of the file. Now press "Click to Upload" - the upload does not start. User has to remove the other, then re-add, before uploading will start.
  • After scores are removed from a completed dispute, the record count is not updated.
  • Submission videos under 10 MB do not encode correctly.
  • "Sort by Most Active" on game leaderboard does not appear to work properly - looks to sort the same as # of records, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be sorting by
  • "Sort by Unique Players" on game leaderboard does not give accurate results. Seeing many games with counts that on the sort that do not match the number of players when viewing the game page.
  • The "voted/not voted" filter for the Submissions Review page does not persist if you change pages
  • On the submission page, preview does not work. Clicking the button does nothing.


  • Raising a dispute can nullify a score on the scoreboard. Click on the "[Undisputed]" link of a score and check if the score on the new page (before dispute is finally submitted) is 0. If this dispute is carried through the original score on the scoreboard is changed permanently to 0.
  • Raising a dispute adds TWO items to the Recent Activity list, one of which is meaningful and useful, the second of which is incorrectly phrased and redundant.

Thread Posts

  • Clicking "View Comment" on a comment from a user you've ignored does not show the comment text. It remains hidden.
  • Animated GIFs do not work in posts.