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    There's a problem including starfire in this list. This list is for scores that can be beaten. This star fire score cannot only not be beaten it cant even be tied as it is an impossible score that should be removed. I realize without disputes conclusion this can be viewed as opinion, but every "maxout" is also open to opinion as people speculate on the possilbity of hidden points as well
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    If it's impossible, then I assume a dispute will eventually remove it. Then we can take it off this list. :)

    I just wanted to try and get something up that can get us working toward an accurate listing of the oldest records. And as I haven't looked through all of the records in the DB, I expect there are a number of missing ones here.
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    my next follow up is, how old is old? I see as recent as 2001 is included. Is this just a manual way of sorting by date all non-tied records, or did you have some cut-off year in mind?
    Lode Runner champ, also, Roy was right
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