Oldest Standing Records

This is a list of the oldest (beatable) first place records on Twin Galaxies.

Only scores that can potentially be beaten are included on this list. Max-out scores which can only be tied are not listed here.

Also, this has not been compiled through database queries, but by manual means, so it is possible there are older records which have not yet been added here. If you know of any, please edit this page and add the record in the appropriate position.


1982-03-10Todd AndersonRadar Scope117,300
1982-03-15Vernon KalanikausZaxxon4,680,740
1982-04-01Curtis GaskillSpace Odyssey2,559,000
1982-05-19Phil SatterlaRoute 1640,200
1982-06-22Scott KarasekAmidar3,208,870
1982-07-05Jim WrightCrazy Climber487,150
1982-07-06Scotty WilliamsVanguard3,110,100
1982-08-29Peter SkahillWarlords911,875
1982-09-16Matt BrassDeluxe Space Invaders425,230
1982-09-25Curt StillwellEliminator662,000


1983-05-23Clifford TomaszewskiOdyssey2Killer Bees!NTSC - Points39,708
1983-06-03Tim McVeyOdyssey2K.C.'s Crazy Chase!NSTC - Points9,999
1983-06-23Jared JordanOdyssey2Helicopter Rescue!NTSC - Points11
1983-06-27Kenny JordanOdyssey2UFO!NTSC - Points7,510
1996-06-05James CarterColecoVisionChoplifterNTSC/PAL - Skill 263
1997-01-19James CarterColecoVisionFront LineNTSC/PAL - Skill 222,100
1999-05-16Stephen KrogmanPlaystationNamco Museum 1(NTSC) Galaga3,144,260
1999-05-16John MarksPlaystationNamco Museum 1(NTSC) Pac-Man205,470
1999-05-16Stephen KrogmanPlaystationNamco Museum 3(NTSC) Dig Dug1,228,320
2000-01-09Ken SweetPlaystationNamco Museum 3(NTSC) Maze - Pirate 113,610

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