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MAME (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) allows for running a large variety of machinery (arcade, console, computer and other systems) on platforms such as a PC, with the goal of doing so with 100% accuracy. Playability of games is not the primary concern of the project but is a nice side-effect.

MAME has it's own platform category on Twin Galaxies which is specifically for tracking arcade games emulated by the project. All attempts at arcade games played on MAME must be submitted there. MAME may be used to submit to tracks on other platforms which indicate emulators are accepted: this is most often indicated by the track name beginning with the EMU prefix.

Submitting a MAME score

(to be completed)

[see TG's "Official MAME Platform Submission Rules and Guidelines"]

Accepted Versions

[as per TG's "Official MAME Platform Submission Rules and Guidelines"]
"Twin Galaxies only accepts submissions from a special version of MAME called WolfMAME."

"There are many versions of Wolf MAME that are available. Submitters are free to use whatever version they would like. However, it is a requirement that submitters enter in the 3 digit version number of the version of WolfMAME that was used for the score performance."

While all versions of WolfMAME are now accepted, users are encouraged to use the latest version they can access, and strongly discouraged from using versions prior to 0.106, unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

Non-Volatile Read-Only Memory (NVRAM) is used by many machines to record information: such as the saving of high scores while a machine is powered down or the configuration of the various options a machine may have. MAME replicates this section battery-backed up RAM type in the form of files in its nvram directory (the directory is only created when needed).

For the majority of machines which utilise NVRAM, in order to record and playback an Input (".INP") file correct, it is necessary to disable the NVRAM option.
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