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The Xbox 360 by Microsoft is the first console to have standard online functionality built in across the console, via Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

Submission and Adjudication Notes

While it is not required for a submitter to connect their console to Xbox Live, there are some additional assurances for a submission that does so. As the console does some checks of the system software and game, a console that is connected will allow confirmation that:
  • the console's system software is up-to-date and not hacked
  • the game is running the latest updates
  • the game code is not modified to allow cheating

It does not mean that a user has not got modified game saves, however.

Thus it should be encouraged for submitters to connect to Xbox Live when possible. Non-connected consoles, especially with non-standard system software, should have additional attention paid to the game behavior itself during adjudication.

Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One

The Xbox One offers backward compatibility for select Xbox 360 titles. The Twin Galaxies community has decided through adjudication that this is acceptable for score submissions.

Submissions should make it clear that the title is being played on an Xbox One. This should be simple through video showing the Xbox One dashboard before the game starts, as part of the normal process of showing the console during the submission.

For those interested in the details, and why this is different from just standard emulation, which is typically not allowed for TG submissions, check out this article on how backward compatibility works on the Xbox One.

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