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  2. Activities That Can Get You Banned For Life!

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Twin Galaxies and its community takes its scores and adjudication process very seriously. Everyone works together to ensure we have a credible and fun scoreboard to participate on.
While Twin Galaxies will always be as fair and as even-handed as possible in areas of policy violation, there are some things that will not be tolerated and if a user is found to be taking part in any of the activities below, they will be banned from participating in the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication Process for life.


  • Agenda based collusion that attempts to manipulate a submission vote outcome*
  • False user accounts or evidence submission
  • Deliberate cheating or misrepresentation of any kind
  • Submitting a video performance that is not their own
  • Submitting a video performance that contains copyrighted music or other material.

    *Specifically included is that it is never appropriate for any TG member to ever directly take control of and personally use some one else's verified TG account to vote on any submission or take any verified access level related action. Only the actual owner of a verified TG account can use that account to do verified access level activity. Exceptions can only be made on a case-by-case basis with admin approval beforehand.
There have been numerous systems put in place to look for the above items. If you are identified as having violated any of the above concerns, it may result in the end of your participation and recognition on this scoreboard and platform, forever. Please be mindful of this.

While we understand that a lifetime ban can seem pretty harsh, we feel that this position is necessary to take to build and maintain the community confidence in the scoreboard during this new era of Twin Galaxies.

Both Twin Galaxies and the community are investing into the renewed future of chasing scores and marking achievement for the purpose of much greater recognition and overall opportunity, so it is critical that we work together to maintain the highest standards we reasonably can and protect our collective investment from fraud or distrust.

All of us should keep an eye out and focus on making sure the new scores going into Twin Galaxies scoreboard are fair, honest and most importantly FUN!

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