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Most tracks have outlined in their rules a set of DIP switch settings that when set, define what is deemed "Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings"

For example:

Dip Switch A:
1-7 = OFF
Dip Switch B:
1-3 = ON
Dip Switch C:
1-8 = OFF
Note: The above Dip Switches, when properly designated, will give the following Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings, used for this title;
Difficulty: 7
Continues: Off
Special Rules: You may freely choose any available character. Continues are not allowed!

This example is the tournament setting for Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. What it means is:

1 Coin, 1 Credit
Difficulty 7
Continue, Off
Screen Orientation, Normal
Attract Mode Sound, Off
Continue Allowed, No
Test Mode, Off

Now as one might imagine, these exact settings may be hard to replicate in a live arcade setting:
  • The game may be located in a pay for admission arcade setting where games are set to free play.
  • The arcade operator may want to have attract mode sound turned on to create a certain atmosphere in the arcade.
  • Continues are allowed in most public arcade settings.
  • etc etc.
A very common observation made by new adjudicators is that some submissions have different DIP switch settings to the official "Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings".

What new users need to know is that, in general, TGSAP does not hold submissions to exact "Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings". There are many scores in the accepted archives that have differing settings like free play or continues enabled.

Common sense is exercised when determining which DIP switches may diverge from the rules. For example: free play is fine, lowering the difficulty of the game is not.

The only exception to this is in rare cases where randomness is affected. (Perhaps someone can cite some examples).

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