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Twin Galaxies is focused on recognizing video game player achievement and elevating those achievements for the entire world to see!

As part of its function, Twin Galaxies establishes and maintains official competitive video game rules that player performances are measured/adjudicated against. Twin Galaxies provides structure and parameter to video game playing achievement. Every game is different, and there are many ways to track achievement within a game, so each game and variation of play requires its own specific rule set. These specific game rule sets are found directly in the Twin Galaxies database and are embedded / listed within each competitive leaderboard.

However, in addition to these specific leaderboard rule sets, there are General Competition Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines (GRG) that must apply to ALL Twin Galaxies competitive platforms and leaderboard submissions*that must be considered by both the submitter and the adjudicators. *All leaderboards listed and provided under the Twin Galaxies' SPEEDRUNS platform are exempt from the GRG. For game tracks/variations listed under the SPEEDRUNS platform, only the track specific rule sets apply.


  • Unless otherwise specified in a game leaderboard variation rule set, the general rule is that all games are to be played with original controllers, on original hardware, with original game software.
  • Emulation submissions are only accepted on platforms/tracks that are specifically set up for that purpose. If a game track rule set or platform category does not expressly mention or imply that emulation submissions are acceptable, then the default general rule is that emulation will not be accepted on that track.
  • The use of "glitches" or "glitch tactics" that defeat the generally accepted understanding of the spirit of the game / or reasonable interpretation of the intention of the game's designers are disallowed as a general rule.
  • "Leeching" tactics are banned, with the exception of a game track/variation that explicitly overrides this general rule with its own rules governing the matter within its specific listed rule set.Please see the "What is Leeching?" category help index for more information regarding TG policy on leeching in general.
  • The use of cheat codes, cheat devices, in-game codes and continues are disallowed as a general rule. The only exceptions to this rule are: Any game track/variation that explicitly overrides this general rule with its own rules governing the matter within its specific listed rule set.
  • Unless explicitly stated within a specific game track/variation rule set, the actual submitting player does not need to be visible within a performance video, and only gameplay will be examined to determine validity of a score performance submission.

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