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Twin Galaxies requires that you include a comprehensive video recording of your claimed score performance in your evidence package.

Having a clear and uninterrupted video capture of your accomplishment not only helps others feel more confident in confirming the authenticity of your claim, but it also helps others visually appreciate your amazing performance!

There are numerous ways to capture your score performance (from video cameras to external and internal recording devices) and every one is valid. Your method of capturing the performance on video is entirely up to you.

However, in order to upload your video to Twin Galaxies' adjudication system, you must provide your video as a digital file. The file formats that TG will accept are exactly the same as YouTube.


Twin Galaxies accepts score performance videos for many different gaming platforms, and each platform can have its own unique characteristics with regard to what is best to include as part of your score performance. When capturing a performance, you are encouraged to make every attempt to record in such a way that the gameplay, screen, and most importantly any specific portion directly related to your submission claim, are unobstructed as much as physically possible.

Twin Galaxies recommends that you record your platform being plugged in, turned on from a cold start, the game being inserted/loaded, demonstrating that all game settings are set according to the stated rules, and starting the game without any break/edit in the entire recorded sequence as described above. However, Twin Galaxies recognizes that it is not always possible or convenient to follow this recommendation, therefore the above recommendation should NOT be interpreted as A REQUIREMENT.

If you are submitting to a specific game track that contains specific listed rules that require showing cold start/etc. , then you ARE REQUIRED to follow those rules of that specific game track if you want to submit to it.

Additionally, some communities around platforms (such as Arcade) sometimes carry an unstated tradition of requiring the physical hardware that you are playing on to be visibly included/inspected as part of the total score performance video. After reading all of the track specific rules that may be available, if you are still unsure what to include, please visit the Twin Galaxies forums and ask the adjudicating community what the current expectations are for the platform you would like to submit on.


The goal is for you to give the adjudicating community as much supportive material as possible to go along with your score claim so that they can reasonably confirm your score claim to be honest and adhering to the stated rules.

Please record what you believe is necessary to substantiate your claim. After you initially submit your claim, you will be afforded an opportunity to provide more evidence should it become necessary.


Ideally Twin Galaxies would like to never have any copyrighted music in the score performances if it can be avoided. However, we do understand that sometimes people will have some music in the background as they stream live on Twitch or casually play. Therefore, we do allow background music to be present as long as the purpose of the video uploaded is purely to demonstrate and support a score performance claim for ranking purposes and NOT intended to be used as a music piracy distribution mechanism. We ask that submitters try to avoid including copyrighted music, but we believe that the record of a score performance is the primary point of viewer interest and trans-formative of the content, placing the music into a fair use category and we will defend this position as necessary.


Please keep in mind that submitting your score to the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication System means that your performance is going to be scrutinized by many people. Please make sure that you include in your recorded performance whatever else you think may be necessary to give anyone watching the confidence they need to know that no cheating is taking place and that all the TG basic rules are followed. This system is hard on cheaters, but easy on clearly legit performances. Adjudicators are solely focused on being correct in their voting so that they will build personal credibility, so no one is motivated to view your submission inaccurately on purpose. To do so would mean a drop in personal credibility because it is unlikely that everyone else voting would do the same.

So the very nature of the system is just looking for truth. Be truthful and honest in your recordings and you will have few problems!