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TG Member Contact Policy

TG wants the community to socialize. Members can and should learn from each other, share with each other to the extent that they are comfortable with, and support each other while helping to build a great community. Obviously, one large point of participating in the TG community and submitting scores is to receive recognition and value from score performance achievements. So making friends, and developing connections is encouraged here and definitely a natural outcropping of any community oriented site.

However, there is a clear line of professionalism, respect and courtesy that should always be present between TG community members and it should always be maintained in any correspondence allowed within the site.

And that is the key phrase here: "WITHIN THE SITE."

The Twin Galaxies website has three primary ways that its members can contact each other:

Public forum posts on the site
Posts in adjudication threads on the site
Private messages (your Twin Galaxies message board inbox on the site)

Unless a member personally knows another member outside of the Twin Galaxies website, all TG community members should only reach out to other members via the above listed methods.

By keeping the communication here, Twin Galaxies can monitor the public messages for appropriateness, and individual members can set their personal private message settings to accept messages from others or not.

This is the policy. It is set up this way to encourage member communication and to discourage potential member abuse or unwanted member communication on an individual basis.

When someone joins the TG community, they are indicating that they are interested in participating HERE. They are indicating that their expectations are set so that Twin Galaxies related discussions will occur HERE. It could be very unpleasant to a member that signed up to TG to suddenly have some random person sending them a Facebook message or personal e-mail about something related to the website without their permission. In fact, depending on the person contacted, they might actually become frightened. This is unacceptable.

So, to reiterate:

Contacting another TG member that you do not know personally is fine as long as it is done within the confines of the controlled Twin Galaxies website using the tools provided. Do it. Socialize. Ask questions if you want. Participate and build friendships. Gain knowledge. Great.


No unsolicited Facebook or other direct social media messages
unsolicited direct e-mails
No unsolicited phone calls
No unsolicited snail-mail letters.
No unsolicited personal doorstep visits.
Just don't do it.

Twin Galaxies does not presume to control people. However, there can be consequences to actions so if a member chooses to contact another Twin Galaxies member that they do not already know personally "off-site," they are placing their membership at risk. More detail below:

A member might reach out "off site" to someone they don't know, and the person they reached out to might wind up being fine with it. No big deal. Great.

However, the risk is if the person that is contacted is NOT fine with it. All that person will need to do is report to TG that member who tried to contact them "off site" and after an investigation that member may receive a 6 month or longer ban and a potential complete flushing of all their earned submission points.

The goal here is to prevent harassment, or even the perception of potential harassment.

This policy has been duplicated and updated from its original policy post established on 03-30-2015, here.
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