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Overview of the Dispute Claim Process:

Twin Galaxies cares very much about its scoreboard integrity and will continue to improve it step-by-step, no matter how painful or public it might occasionally be.

There historically have been, and there will likely continue to be, rare moments where Twin Galaxies methods of adjudication fail to perform satisfactorily, and results in an invalid performance record being mistakenly stored, recognized and credited as legitimate and valid.

The Dispute Claim Process is a system for the purpose of allowing adjudicated performances to be questioned in a centralized and documented manner and to enable all of the available evidence regarding any performance to be concentrated, examined and discussed by non-anonymous members of the gaming community and Twin Galaxies administration. This system is designed to create a permanent body of evidence for examination and future reference.

A dispute claim represents a formal and public declaration made by someone that is asserting that a particular performance record in the Twin Galaxies database is invalid and that they have provided sufficient and objective evidence to support their claim.
How to File a Dispute Claim:

To initiate a dispute, a person must be a Twin Galaxies verified member with a Credibility Rating (CR) of at least 4000.

Once that criteria is met, a dispute claim form must be filled out. This can be accomplished by locating the performance record that is being disputed in the Twin Galaxies database and clicking the "undisputed" link attached to that performance. (See below example)

Once a dispute claim is submitted, it will be placed into the dispute voting area where the gaming community will publicly discuss, debate and vote on the veracity of the claim. 

This is a public process, designed for transparency and accessibility. All registered Twin Galaxies members can participate in the process of providing evidence and discussion that is for or against the dispute claim's assertions.

A dispute claim will remain open until it accumulates enough supportive votes to close the vote and trigger a score removal recommendation.

When a score removal recommendation is achieved, Twin Galaxies Admin will be notified and will review all of the presented dispute claim evidence and supporting discussion.

If after reviewing the evidence, Twin Galaxies Admin agrees with the removal recommendation, the disputed score will be removed.

If after reviewing the evidence, Twin Galaxies Admin does not agree with the removal recommendation, the disputed score will not be removed, and the dispute claim will be placed into inactive status while simultaneously remaining open to allow it to continue to gather additional evidence and further votes until it triggers another score removal recommendation event.

The dispute claim voting / review process escalates indefinitely until a claim becomes compelling enough for Twin Galaxies Admin to agree and remove the score.

When a member decides to file a dispute claim, that member should make sure that their dispute claim provides as much definitively objective, compelling and comprehensive evidence as possible.

Every dispute claim is handled uniquely, on a case-by-case basis.

Only evidence that is specifically provided and documented within the public dispute claim discussion thread will be considered toward any decision.

In most cases, Twin Galaxies' default position is that all of its stored adjudicated performance record data has already been proven valid, and does not need to be re-proven. Therefore the onus is on the dispute claim submitter to definitively and objectively prove the invalidity of any Twin Galaxies adjudicated performance record in order to have that record removed.

Twin Galaxies understands that many in the gaming community operate with a general urgency and preferred to see dispute matters resolved swiftly.

However, Twin Galaxies, as part of a comprehensive process and in its position of authority, must ensure due diligence. Our public documentation of our processes and conclusions are intended to satisfy scrutiny for the long term, so in instances where warranted our comprehensiveness must go above and beyond what would normally satisfy. This means that the dispute claim process can be lengthy.

Twin Galaxies views a dispute claim as a very serious matter, and deliberate abuse or misuse of this system will be met with a harsh administrative response. 

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