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There are 3 important numbers that are associated with a VERIFIED Twin Galaxies User Account:

  • Submission Points (SP)
  • Credibility Rating (CR)
  • Expert Skill Index (ESI)

This number represents the "money" of Twin Galaxies.

The spending of earned Submission Points are the primary means that allow a user to submit score performances and acquire or make use of other valuable Twin Galaxies functions or offerings.

Submission Points can be earned by participating in Twin Galaxies' Submission and Adjudication Process(TGSAP) or other Twin Galaxies' specified activities within the site and community.

You can go to this area of the site and vote on other people's submissions:


You will find a poll at the top of each score submission asking you to accept or reject the submission based on the evidence provided.

Once you vote, you must wait for the vote to "close" (enough people must vote on it and time must pass.)

When the vote closes, if you are on the "winning" side of the collective voting process, you will receive a submission point reward and your personal credibility will increase!

You can vote on as many performances as you would like. In a very short time you can have many submission points.

Generally speaking, the more a user engages, participates and contributes to the Twin Galaxies community, the more avenues to earn SP become available over time.


This number represents how much power a user's vote carries within the Twin Galaxies adjudication system.

The Twin Galaxies adjudication system is driven by a very controlled peer-review voting process. This means that every participating member is given the ability to vote on score performances and the total outcome of the voting process yields a final result.

As a user's voting track record evolves over time, his/her CR will reflect the total level of expertise that they have displayed and accumulated. The higher the CR, the greater the voting power is.

This means that all votes are not equal in the system and the users who invest more of their time in the adjudicating process will generally have more impact on adjudicating outcomes than users who participate less.

As a user builds up their CR rating, they are building a legitimate and documented track record of their expertise in video game performance review that can be referenced by media and industry!


The Expert Skill Index Rating is a summary index that represents the total verified and demonstrated video game skill of the user.

Every individual ranking that a TG member has on the scoreboard produces a calculated point value. The cumulative point values for every rank position held is then calculated together to produce that member's ESI.

There are several factors that go into the calculation of the point value of a ranking:

X = (number of people on leaderboard - CurrentPlayerRank)

AverageRankPercent = Sum(All Rank Percent in the Leaderboard)/Number of Players on Leaderboard

ScoreRankPercent = (PlayerScore / Top Score on LeaderBoard) * 100

if CurrentPlayerRank = 1


ESI VALUE = X + (X * (1 - ( AverageRankPercent/100))


ESI VALUE = (X + 1 - Number of Players on Current Rank)+ [(X + 1 - Number of Players on Current Rank) * (1 - (AverageRankPercent/100)) * ScoreRankPercent/100)]

TOTAL ESI = sum(all player's leaderboard values)

The ESI score concept is a powerful, logical, holistic statistical measurement system that can analyze total achievement across all video games, platforms and categories.

Users can compare this number to other members to see literally how they rank against each other according to the sum total of their achievements within Twin Galaxies. Now, players can compete on a level that does not require them to play the same games if they don't want to.

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