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Founded in 1981, Twin Galaxies is a platform that facilitates a competitive community and provides official parameters and authentication for video game playing achievement across all electronic gaming platforms. It is where competitive video game rules are officially set, player performances are objectively measured/adjudicated, and the statistical data of official records/rankings are logged, maintained and updated.

Twin Galaxies is solely dedicated to the recognition, promotion, support and elevation of all video game player achievement throughout the world!!


Build a worldwide recognized video game achievement profile and identity.

  • Meet many new friends with similar video game playing interests and officially compete with them if you wish!
  • Showcase to the world your passion and talent for video game playing by sharing your performances, pictures, tutorials or thoughts on your favorite games, platforms, events and personalities.
  • Participate on Twin Galaxies' famous video game leaderboards and build a permanent official authenticated set of achievements that receive worldwide recognition, potentially creating future economic opportunities.
As we all know, the video game industry has remained culturally focused on video game product as the central element of importance - and while video games can be masterful works of art themselves to be honored, Twin Galaxies has always maintained and supported the idea that the video game PLAYERS are what truly matters - and that their talents and accomplishments should be a primary focus of cultural recognition and appreciation!


  • Twin Galaxies provides an authentication system and platform to the community where competitive video game players across all categories, genres and platforms can uniquely share and discuss their performances, insights, strategies, techniques and culture.
  • Twin Galaxies provides a comprehensive authentication system that can evaluate any player's video game performance and verify legitimacy (elimination of cheating / manipulation / misrepresentation.)
Twin Galaxies works tirelessly to translate and present all authenticated player achievement taking place into messaging that both the gaming and non-gaming mass audiences worldwide can understand and appreciate. The vision is to help to lay a consistent, data-driven, bankable foundation that the world can trust and use to support and potentially create greater opportunities for players.

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