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Simply put, you should provide any and all tangible proof that you can to support your score performance claim.

Our submission form has a place where you can upload a video recording (here are guidelines for your video recording) and there is also a place where you can provide a text description and any other evidence.

Twin Galaxies provides you with a sophisticated text editor built into the submission form process that you can use to enter this information. There are many icons at the top of the editor available to click to perform different functions. If you hover your mouse over an icon and wait a moment, you will see a quick tool-tip description of the function being provided.

Twin Galaxies' appreciates your submission! It is exciting for us, and our professional community, to vigorously review your submission and deem it worthy to be entered into the Twin Galaxies Score Database.

The adjudication process begins with your submission form.

To make sure that your score submission claim has the best chance of being accepted as valid into the Twin Galaxies Score Database, it is very important that you provide any performance video, documented evidence, screenshots, text descriptions, references (or all of the above - the more the better) that clearly support and verify your claim that the submitted score was achieved honestly, fairly and within the appropriate listed rules.

It is a REQUIREMENT that you provide a comprehensive performance video of the score being achieved. The only video that can be considered as an official score performance is the video that you directly upload to Twin Galaxies.



Ideally Twin Galaxies would like to never have any copyrighted music in the score performances if it can be avoided. However, we do understand that sometimes people will have some music in the background as they stream live on Twitch or casually play, and the culture of live streaming has supported this to some extent. Therefore, we do allow background music to be present as long as the purpose of the video uploaded is purely to demonstrate and support a score performance claim for ranking purposes and NOT intended to be used as a music piracy distribution mechanism. We ask that submitters try to avoid including copyrighted music, but we believe that the record of a score performance is the primary point of viewer interest and transformative of the content, placing the music into a fair use category.

If you like to play video games and listen to commercial/copyrighted music/audio while doing so, Twin Galaxies recommends that you wear headphones while recording your score performance video so that the music you listen to does not get recorded. Wearing headphones to listen to music while you play is not a requirement.

In order to ensure recognition by Twin Galaxies, it is required that your video evidence be uploaded directly to the Twin Galaxies website. As of March 2018 we no longer accept external video evidence hosted by a third party, including YouTube and Twitch. Any score submissions that do not follow this policy may be rejected and/or disqualified by Twin Galaxies administration.

The reason for this is that your submission is required to serve as a permanent accessible record of your score performance and will be linked to your score in the database.

Video links provided before this policy change are not regarded as permanent. In some cases video evidence has been removed and this counts as a valid reason for Twin Galaxies members to officially dispute and remove these scores.

Additionally, if the video is not under the jurisdiction and control of Twin Galaxies, it means that voting members know that the video could be tampered with AFTER a vote has taken place.

These items can potentially allow questioning of the validity of your score performance to take place in the future by skeptical competitors who may not have the skill to match your performance.

The only way you can guarantee that your performance has the best opportunity for preservation, is to upload it to Twin Galaxies as a score performance video attachment.

There are tools that will allow you to download your performance video from places like youtube and others and they can be found with a simple google search. One such tool can be found at http://www.iskysoft.com/ but there are many others.

Obviously, what you choose to put into your score submission evidence package is up to you. The VERIFIED voting community will decide what if you have supplied sufficient evidence under the rules - however, Twin Galaxies strongly recommends that you play it safe and upload your score performance videos whenever you submit a performance!

Be advised that the adjudication process is taken very seriously - so submissions with weak or highly questionable evidence may not be accepted. Leave nothing to chance with your submission. Be comprehensive. Be convincing. Twin Galaxies looks forward to seeing you on the other side of the adjudication process, where true achievement and recognition lives!

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