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Screenshots can be an important part of the adjudication process. Submitters will often include a screen shot of key points in their gameplay, and adjudicators will show screenshots to discuss certain portions of the game. Sometimes a bit of forensic research is done to make digits clearer as well.

Taking a screen shot is easy. Just hit PrtSc on your keyboard and away you go. Full size capture of everything on your screen. Sometimes that is what you want, sometimes it isn't.

Taking a GOOD screenshot takes a little more effort. Greenshot is complete free software for Mac and PC, and does a great job.

When installed, Greenshot takes over your PrintScrn button (on PC and MAC) and provides many useful features to help reduce the amount of effort it takes to document things.

When you install screenshot, it will move to your tray (PC) and look like a green G as seen in this teeny tiny screen shot.

If you click on the icon, you will be presented with a dialogue. The top option is "Capture Region". It also shows you the short cut button. The screen will dim a bit, and you then drag your mouse across the exact area you want to capture. Press enter, and you will be asked where to save it.

That's it!

NOTE: If you are a Linux user (e.g. Ubunto, Debian) you can use FlameShot