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06-14-2021 at 07:32 AM
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Pac-Man--pattern choice question

So, I'm interested in getting into Pac-Man (MAME), which I already dabbled with last year. I adopted Neil's patterns I found online & got 378k, but there seems to be a general rule / etiquette to not straight-up use those patterns. I looked through some top submissions on the track, & I saw one guy using the same 9th key pattern I was using, but that was the only one I recognized.

Question is this--should I do the same as that example, just develop my own patterns, forgoing a lot of the blue monster points, and then let myself use the same 9th key pattern? Or are things a bit different from that? Thank you.

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  1. ProveAll's Avatar

    Rick Fothergill and Neil Chapman posted those patterns so people could use them.

    The only possible issue with etiquette is to use someone's patterns and not give them credit or acknowledgement.

    You can take the time to develop your own patterns or variations at your own discretion.

    Take care,


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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I agree with David, basically do whatever feels fun to you, and gives you the best chance.

    First, back to something I used to say-knowing how to do something, and doing it, aren't always the same thing. There's a lot of joy in nailing it "perfect", like you saw someone else do.

    But if the game grabs you and says "Hey, try THIS!", then do it.

    Because noone cares about it(lol), I don't think there's been a lot of close analysis on how us Burgertimers play, but I'd almost promise, we all do some things in similar fashions, but also have our own little tricks that differentiate how we play slightly.

    Is a can of worms really-I used to debate this with a member who's kinda MIA right now, he takes what we do pretty seriously I guess, and he hated having to share his videos, but personally I just like to do well, and if someone ever sees what I do and decides to do it, but better, that's just going to produce a thumbs up in appreciation from me, really.

    I might be following you, BTW, lol, I suck pretty bad at the Pac's, but ESI is ESI, it is what it is.



    I take a lot of pride in the Burgertime thing, but as David mentioned, giving due credit is always a nice thing, and I think everyone knows that JD took time to help me that he didn't have to take, and was enthusiastic/supportive of my attempts, no way I can ever Thank him enough for how cool he was about the whole thing, and is probably why I'm so supportive of my "competitors".

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Now, surprisingly, I guess-this recent Donkey Kong stuff I been on, obviously one of yur games of choice-

    I SWEAR, I'm not sure I have EVER payed close attention to what anyone else does, the mechanics seem pretty straightforward, and I'm just playing how I always played, hoping to hone it and get better-Pac, Burgertime, real "pattern play" probably does need a bit more study, but for the Kong, I just keep trying to "do", and hope for the best, lol!

    I wouldn't be above it, at all, just lazy, and I don't see where it could help me too much, I dunno.

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  4. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    This might just be me, but I personally feel that there is nothing more flattering than someone adopting my techniques and using them to achieve a WR. Even without proper attribution, enough know the origins.

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    if people werent allowed to use other patterns it would create a doulbe standard where the move was allowed for one person but not another. Can you imagine if only the first person who figured out how to beat dragons lair was allowed to use those moves? some things are more drama prone than others, whatever you do in life there'll always be some complaints. Just dont lie, dont claim to invent a pattern if you didnt. If you independently figure out a pattern someone else also figured out i dont think its fair to demand you research every pacman game ever to first see if someone else also did it. Be honest, play hard, lots of times things are friendlier than we fear, and when unreasonable complaints come up just remind yourself you cant please all the people all the time

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  6. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    "If you independently figure out a pattern someone else also figured out"

    Nice-reminds me of a Beatles lyric(not a fan, BTW).

    "There's nothing you can do that can't be done"

    Truly original ideas are pretty far and few between.


    Don't be surprised if that shows up as my signature soon, I kinda like it the more I think about it.

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  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    i was also suprirsed to learn "free style" pacman just invovles a bunch of mini patterns. so the free stylers who allegedly use no patterns are also using patterns just in a different way. I honeslty dont know who invented the free style mini patterns used and i'm not sure if people typcailly credit those creators or not. i would imagine true free styling exists, but the few cases of grouping i saw involved mini patterns

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  8. wwdkong's Avatar

    Nice responses, guys, I really appreciate it. And The Man himself responds right off, love it, plus that made subsequent conversation more informed, thank you David.

    Yeah, I think I'd get a kick out of creating my own patterns, within reason, I'm getting older. So I'll just have to be more patient, & make more of a long-term project out of it. I'm surprised I have such a hard time cleanly executing the patterns tho, with the membrane keyboard controller I almost always use for games. I'll have to try other stuff.

    Thanks again, tg doods.

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