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xcess dead rew
10-30-2018 at 07:37 PM
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A HUGE Thank You to the TG Community

I noticed on lunch that my Dream Pinball 3d score went through, so I was planning a thank you post. When I got home I found 2 posts containing a reference to my submission. Figured I'd be the only one that cared. Guess I was wrong.

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who watched, voted, and most importantly commented. I will fully admit it was a junk score (even for me), and I plan on putting up a better one at some point. Had to test the waters. And what a test it was.

I am absolutely super pumped that I could help break ground on TG. I spend quite a bit of time here now, which brings me to a point I said something about before, but want to expand on. Connecting. We've all talked about the new submission system and how it affects scores and the leaderboard, but has anyone mentioned how it builds the community?

I never used TG with the old system, but I'm sure the connection came from the forums only. Now, whether you stream your attempts or not, lots of people are going to watch your submission instead of just one referee. Which means you get a chance to build a connection with a lot of people.

Now I'm not saying we're all best friends here, but I think we all start with at least a "remote coworker/collaborator" relationship. We're kinda forced to welcome everyone to the community like you would a co-worker. We all spend time watching each other (kinda creepy guys...;) for a common goal.

Again, I wasn't a part of TG until the public adjudication system was in place, but I imagine this has added a positive shift in the community. I know I certainly wouldn't spend as much time here if this system weren't in place.

I've found many a topic to ask questions about and comment about through watching runs. Things I would otherwise not think about. And I've gotten MANY a response to my ramblings.

So I guess to sum it up neatly. Thank you to the entire Twin Galaxies community for doing what you do. Thank you for making me feel welcome. Its nice for me to have found a place where I feel like I can actually do something for the community . Thank You everyone.

And just so we're clear, all I wanted to do was post a jank score for a jank game.

  1. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Lol neither that game or that score are particularly jank, but I respect the humility.

    Glad to have you here at TG - you're a good member. I joined in July of 2015 which was the first year that TGSAP was in place, so all I know is the community voting system, and I share similar sentiments. It's great knowing that people are watching your runs and casting votes. I put up a lot of inaugural scores on a lot of tracks (some NES and lots of iOS) and have founded lots of tracks too, and those are great feelings that we wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy without the new system in place.

    Oh about founding new tracks, I have plenty of SP and would rather spend it on founding tracks than anything else (besides submissions, I guess, but my submission to adjudication ratio right now is well below 1). So if you need some help on SP or on rules in general I'm always happy to help.

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